# The Dark Side Of David Marchant: The Story Behind His Blog # Johnny Burris David Marchant is known for writing articles for OffshoreAlert.com that are full of inaccuracies and distortions. He is a journalist who has been accused of making up stories, fabricating quotes, and creating a false narrative. He has a history of targeting individuals and organizations that he does not like, and he has been seen to use his platform to intimidate and abuse others. His work is frequently compared to a trashy gossip magazine, and numerous journalists have discredited his blog. He has ruined countless lives, and it is time someone exposes him for his fraud. # Who is David Marchant? David Marchant is a wannabe journalist. He is not part of any press organization and does not follow professional ethics standards. It means that he is not accurate or honest in his reporting, which can be very dangerous for the public. He is not registered with any journalists’ body, such as the Society of Professional Journalists in the United States. The Society of Professional Journalists has more than 10,000 members who work in all forms of media, and David Marchant is not one of them. Thomas Fields, a legitimate fraud investigator, comments on him, “The matter is that Mr. Marchant is just a low-level reporter. He never worked in the capital markets, not on Wall Street, not in private equity, and not in venture capital. Thus, his understanding is deficient.” Undoubtedly, David is only interested in making money, not finding the truth. He does not grant an effective right of reply. He writes an email to his victims warning them that he will publish a post and ask them to answer his questions in a couple of hours! The purpose is obvious – David is not interested in his victims’ version and not interested in accurately reconstructing the facts. A subscriber of his blog, Tim F. from Denver, shares his experience, “I think David is a fraud because he makes up stories about successful business people and organizations to make their lives difficult. He is not educated, has no journalistic experience, and has never kept a job for very long. Therefore, Mr. Marchant runs a sleazy paid blog where he makes money by destroying people’s reputations. He will say or write anything that will generate traffic to his site. His blog is nothing but a money-making scheme. He will likely post something negative about you on his blog to ruin your reputation as he has no moral boundaries. He has been found guilty of libel in the past, so you should be careful about what you say around him. Thus, David is a disgrace to the blogging community. Way of Journalism David Marchant aims to attract attention by using misleading headlines and creating sensationalism. He does not provide a fair depiction of the facts in his articles. That is why his so-called news is never picked up by serious newspapers but only by some of his henchmen. He employs attention-grabbing headlines to entice new visitors to his blog to gain an audience and attract new followers who will subscribe. One victim shares his experience, “**OffshoreAlert** is a website that claimed that I was involved in a court case that never happened. I searched the website for my name and found several posts about me, which were false. The website tried to get me to sign up so that I could receive more information, but when I did, they charged me $60. I contacted the website and asked them to remove the false posts, but they have not done so. I believe that this website is a scam, and they are trying to take advantage of people by exploiting their fear or curiosity.” Mr. Marchant is nothing more than a fraud and a bully who uses his platform to hurt and humiliate people for his gain. We must stand up to bullies like this and ensure they are not given a platform to hurt and insult people. On the other hand, Mr. David never corrects his articles and instead uses the opportunity to publish requests from his victims. When his victims ask him to update or delete material because it is false or incorrect, he takes advantage of the situation to publish their letters and thereby increase the number of articles. Marchant is not fair in portraying victims, often misrepresenting their words and using them to fuel media coverage. He boasts, “I have never published a correction or apology.” This sort of behavior is unprofessional and downright cruel. No one deserves to be treated this way, least of those simply trying to get the truth out there. Nevertheless, David continues to write articles damaging to the victims, even though their situations have improved. Even when the case of his victims evolves positively, he minimizes the facts, making malicious allusions about how they have resolved their problems and still leaving the previous articles intact. He is a writer who does not take responsibility for his actions and instead blames his victims. Personality Traits David Marchant does not care about ruining people’s reputations and may even enjoy it. He is ruthless in pursuing what he desires, even if it means hurting others. He is manipulative, dishonest, and stops at nothing to get his way. One complainant complained on complaintsborad.com that David Marchant approached him and willing to pay for information on company activity, trading, and news, even if it was fake or defamatory. David further mentioned that any news would sell and bring in revenue, regardless of whether it was true or not. When the complainant asked him about the victims of these fake stories, David replied that they did not matter. Thomas Fields, a fraud investigator by profession, finds much of the claims in David’s publications to be baseless rubbish and called his annual conference a predominance of shady participants. David has no respect for the presumption of innocence and does not give any benefit of the doubt. He has no sensitivity to the judicial ordeal of people who may be innocent. He is only interested in discovering a new victim to put in the pillory. The presumption of innocence is a fundamental principle of the American criminal justice system, but people like David do not bother about this. Furthermore, David claims to have never lost a case against the victims of his articles which is invalid. He has lost many cases and will continue to do so in the future. He has been forced to compensate those whose lives he has ruined. It is because his methods are unethical and unprofessional. He uses personal attacks and innuendo in his articles, which has led to his being sued for defamation. Even though he has lost many cases, he continues to use these tactics because they are often effective in persuading people to believe his point of view. Additionally, he moved to Miami from England years ago to escape prosecution by his victims. He figured that a new start in a new city would be the perfect way to get away from his past. Unfortunately for David, this is not the case. Though he managed to evade the authorities, it is just a matter of time before he will be sued again in Miami. Narcissism at its Best David Marchant portrays himself as the world’s savior, as the purest of the pure, convinced that he has been assigned a moralizing duty. His self-righteousness and narcissism are both off-putting. He is not someone who seeks to empathize or understand those around him; instead, he imposes his own beliefs on others, often forcefully. All in all, he is not someone to be liked or respected. He is arrogant, self-centered, and judgmental and not likely to win over many people with this personality. Likewise, David has an obsession with power and demands from his followers that they believe in him ultimately. It can be seen through how he addresses them at the conventions as if he were speaking to a religious congregation. David is someone who wants total control over those around him, which is most likely why he would take on the role of a cult leader. A participant of his conventions mentions, “Marchant pretends to play ‘fraud police’ and then divvies out paid slots for speakers at his conferences to solicit their investments, which seem pretty shady.” Similarly, David does not care about the consequences his articles have on the lives of others. He does not care about the right to privacy, the respect of his victims’ private lives, the protection of their personalities, or his writings’ personal, family, and financial consequences. People’s lives do not matter to him. The only thing that counts is the number of subscribers to his blog. “The word ‘privacy’ is a soft word for secrecy, and people have secrets when they are typically trying to conceal something illegal, immoral, or otherwise shameful,” defines David Marchant. It is why we need stronger privacy laws and regulations. We need to be able to control who has access to our personal information and how they can use it. We need to be able to hold companies and individuals accountable when they violate our privacy. Level of Hypocrisy David criticizes the offshore world without making distinctions or insights. He does not provide any logical arguments to support his claims in his blogs. He only resorts to attacking those who work in the offshore industry. According to a fraud investigator, “David Marchant pretends to expose offshore finance scams to make money pushing what he claims are credible investments and consultants.” As a result, his blogs are nothing more than biased and an uninformed opinion piece that does not offer any real insights into the offshore world. His arguments are based on emotion and personal opinion rather than logic or reason. As such, his articles are disregarded as credible sources of information. In addition, David has no sympathy for developing countries that seek to attract investment to improve the conditions of their people. He believes that they are only interested in making quick money and do not care about the long-term consequences of their actions. However, David’s perception is entirely wrong in this case. Many of these countries are working hard to improve the lives of their citizens and attract foreign investment to achieve this goal. They are also striving to operate more transparently and efficiently. These developing countries should be commended for their efforts, not derided. So, it is unfair for David to paint all developing countries with the same brush and assume that they are corrupt and lack transparency. Also, it is easy to criticize other countries without looking at what is happening at home. People like David Marchant do this without realizing that they are just as bad as the people or things they criticize. When we look only at the faults of other countries, we ignore the problems in our backyard. We also miss the opportunities to learn from others and improve our situation. It is time for David to start looking at the world objectively, beginning with a close look at his own country. Is all this journalism? No, it is simply trash! Indeed, more, it is vulgar looting. What credibility can such a person have? What respect can we have for such a person? Absolutely none. This kind of journalism is vulgar looting and has no credibility whatsoever. People like David Marchant should be avoided by people interested in the truth. Those who produce such journalism are doing significant damage to the credibility of journalism as a whole. What can be done about it? Unfortunately, not much. It is difficult to fight against something that has become so commonplace and accepted. The best we can do is be more critical about what we read and watch and pay more attention to our information sources. Only then we can hope to protect ourselves from the onslaught of trash journalism. To summarize, David Marchant is a journalist who has been called a trash journalist by many of his peers. He has been accused of writing articles full of sensationalism and little to no substance. He has been charged with writing trash journalism, characterized by its lack of credibility and unwillingness to seek the truth. He is also known for his self-righteousness and narcissism, making him difficult to like or respect.