# How do I access my Verizon AOL email? ![](https://i.imgur.com/WKCxIh2.jpg) In 2017 the Verizon mail has been shifted to the AOL mail and hence because of this the users are facing problems in the **Verizon AOL email login**. For those users who are suffering from this issue, we have prepared this email to guide them to go for their Verizon email. **Procedure to Login to the Verizon AOL Email –** 1. Since the shift has taken place the users cannot make a new mail on the Verizon but can access the old account of the Verizon email. 2. Also, to access the Verizon account now the users have to use the AOL sign in page instead of the [Verizon sign in page](https://www.gethumanhelp.com/verizon-email-login-problems/). 3. Now to initiate the login process you first have to visit the login page of the AOL mail. 4. Now you need to fill up the email address as well as the password of your account to proceed to the login process. 5. After you have filled up the details now you need to click on the login option to complete the procedure. The users can refer to the website [gethumanhelp.com](https://www.gethumanhelp.com/verizon-email-login-problems/) which is a verified site where you can all the information you need to get like about the login of Verizon email and others.