# Solus - Budgie is gorgeous. Stunningly so. Coming from Fedora 31 GNOME to Budige is like going from Windows 3.11 to MacOS - eopkg is still limited in what it offers which means Flatpaks and Snaps are your friend - sudo eopkg install flatpak xdg-desktop-portal-gtk - flatpak remote-add --if-not-exists flathub https://flathub.org/repo/flathub.flatpakrepo - Restart Snapd is preinstalled. Should preinstall Flatpaks as well. Feed should be built into the store along with AppImages to overcome lack of software. - Telegram (In store) - Zoom (via AppImage - MegaSync biggest issue: sudo eopkg add-repo megasync https://gitlab.com/abdulocracy/solus-megasync-repository/raw/master/packages/eopkg-index.xml.xz - https://gitlab.com/abdulocracy/solus-megasync-repository/ - Steam (In Store) - iio-sensor (In store for screen rotation) ### Paper Cuts - Store has limited software (integrate all Universal packages) - Resolution scaling only has 100% and 200% need an in between - Install Gnome Tweaks and increase font size to 11 helps. - If you add applets it's through the store and not in the Budgie Settings menu so you may not know they are there. Also have to logout before they become available after install. ### Wins - Budgie is gorgeous - AMD support without any issue - Installation is simple and allows you to clearly define and control installation process - Yubikey support out of the box - Updated Kernel and Mesa - Rolling Release - Nice tiling options with Super key - Budgie Desktop Settings is a nice setting interface that's organized well and makes sense. - Right click on clock - Raven menu for notifications - Printer added out of the box no pulling my hair out. - Built in on-screen Keyboard 'OnBoard' - Applets in the store such as weather, note taking, etc