# De-Googlify Below are steps you can take to De-Googlify your life and increase privacy and security. The steps below are easy enough that anyone can start implementing. There are more advanced privacy options outside the scope of this document, however, this is a great starting point for those interested in taking back control of their privacy. ### E-Mail Switching email providers can be a long process but a worthwhile one. It's important that you don't immediately delete your Gmail account after switching in case there are old accounts in which you remember in the future that require password resets or credential verifications that take place via e-mail. - Alternative e-mail services: - [Protonmail](https://protonmail.com/) - [Tutanota](https://tutanota.com/) - Move important privacy information such as banking, credential recovery, credit cards, travel, etc. to your privacy e-mail account on Tutanota or Protonmail. Keep spam in Gmail. - Looking to setup your own email server for maximum privacy, and security, but do not have the knowledge, or time? Try the open source [iRedMail](https://www.iredmail.org/) script. Will setup a fully running email server in moments. ### Browsers Switching Browsers is easy. Using Google Chrome or any Chrome based browser with Google credentials installed is a privacy issue you can circumvent by using one of the alternatives: - Alternative browsers: - [Firefox](https://www.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/) - [Waterfox (Firefox Fork)](https://www.waterfox.net/) - [Pale Moon (Firefox Fork)](https://www.palemoon.org/) - [Tor (Firefox Fork)](https://www.torproject.org/): Tor (The Onion Router) connects the browser to an encrypted network which masks your IP address to make you appear you from visting from another location, and helps to fight tracking, censorship, and surveillance. ### Password Manager Many people utilize their browsers as their password managers. Instead of using your browser utilize a cross-platform tool that can auto-generate complex passwords. - Alternative password managers: - [Bitwarden](https://bitwarden.com/dln) - [KeePass](https://keepass.info/) - [KeePassX](https://www.keepassx.org/) ### Search Engine Switching search engines is easy. You can go into the settings of Mozilla Firefox and set to one of the alternatives below. - Alternative search engines: - [Startpage](https://www.startpage.com/) - [DuckDuckGo](https://duckduckgo.com/) ### Switch DNS Servers Switching DNS Servers is not complicated but more difficult than some of the other options here depending on your technical expertise. Many routers default to Google DNS servers which creates a privacy issue. Log into your home router and head to the settings section titled DNS (check manufacturer instructions for your router). You will likely see two options like Primary DNS and Secondary DNS or two DNS fields. - Alternative DNS Servers: - [Cloudflare](https://blog.cloudflare.com/announcing-1111/) - & - [OpenDNS](https://www.opendns.com/setupguide/) - & - [Quad9](https://www.quad9.net/) - & - [Pi-Hole](https://pi-hole.net/): Using this service set up at your place pointing at one of the above DNS servers, will block Google Ads (which is another Google tracking/data collection method). It is reported those getting best results is by using the DHCP service on the Pi-Hole, than your router. - Create your own DNS Server is also an option. ### Video Sharing Platforms (non YouTube) - Alternatives to YouTube - [Lbry](https://lbry.tv/) - Most popular Youtube alternative - [BitChute](htttps://bitchute.com/) - [JoshWhoTV](https://joshwho.tv/) ### Android Alternative - [PinePhone](https://www.pine64.org/pinephone/): An OpenSource Hardware smartphone. - Staring October 2019 (Now delayed until November 2019), limited sales of the PinePhone will begin (With no full ready OS available yet). There will be about 7-8 different Mobile OS available for the PinePhone including Linux based, and Android forks. Normal sales should begin January 2020. ### Other Privacy Options: - Use a strong trusted VPN provider like [ProtonVPN](https://protonvpn.com/) or [Mullvad](https://mullvad.net/)