# Commit-and-Prove and Encrypt-and-Prove Zero-Knowledge Proof Systems WG Charter *This is a draft proposal.* ## Motivation Commit-and-Prove Zero-Knowledge Proof systems (CP-ZKPs) are a generalization of zero-knowledge proofs in which the prover proves statements about values that are committed. Similarly, Encrypt-and-Prove proof systems allow the prover to prove statements about values that are encrypted. ## Scope of the working group and standard The primary scope of the working group is standardizing terminology, definitions and protocols for commit-and-prove and encrypt-and-prove zero-knowledge proofs. While this standard will need to consider some specific commitment/encryption schemes, the standardization of these commitment/encryption schemes is a goal of the Primitives WG. ## Milestones 1. Agree on how to merge the results, goals, drafts etc. of the [commit-and-prove](https://community.zkproof.org/g/WG_COMMIT_PROVE) and [SAVER](https://community.zkproof.org/g/WG_SAVER) working groups. 2. Agree on a preliminary set of goals and open the discussion to the community. 3. Decide the [**content**](https://hackmd.io/niBDPppqRpiHun-Fple8FA) of the standardization draft proposal (notions, terminology, which commitment/encryption schemes and commit/encrypt-and-prove schemes). 2. Describe generic construction methodologies and specify concrete schemes for both commit-and-prove and encrypt-and-prove proof systems. ## Relation with other ZKProof working groups This working group is the result of a merge of the [commit-and-prove](https://community.zkproof.org/g/WG_COMMIT_PROVE) and [SAVER](https://community.zkproof.org/g/WG_SAVER) working groups. Some of the goals of this WG (in particular, the standardization of commitment schemes) are related to the activities of the [ZKP-friendly Primitives](https://community.zkproof.org/g/WG_PRIMITIVES) WG.