# Optimism PGR3 Application ## Impact Statement ### Contribution Description PublicHAUS, the governing framework of the DAOhaus ecosystem and protocol, has been a linchpin in fostering decentralized governance and management of public goods. Its arsenal of tools, including the DAOhaus SDK and development libraries, has streamlined the process of summoning and managing Moloch DAOs for numerous developers and organizations. The technical infrastructure, encapsulated in the DAOhaus Monorepo structured with Nx, facilitates collaborative development. It comprises: - **Core Applications**: The Admin App and Summoner App are crucial for interacting with DAOs. - **Utility Libraries**: These provide common functions and utilities. - **Data Libraries**: They simplify data fetching and contract interactions by wrapping contracts and subgraphs. - **UI Component Library**: This offers a robust set of UI components for constructing user-friendly interfaces. A hallmark of community engagement is the **Haus Party: 12 Days of DAOcember** event, held from December 5th to 16th, 2022. This event showcased a plethora of sessions, panels, and discussions revolving around various aspects of DAOs and the DAOhaus protocol. The community delved into topics like reputation, access/permissions, workstream management, on/off-chain DAOs, and explored the DAOhaus front-end stack, v3 contract architecture, Zodiac & Shamans, and RADDAD (Rapid Application Development & DAO Application Development). Moreover, PublicHAUS has hosted numerous Community Calls on Discord, delving into a wide array of topics affecting DAOs and the Web 3 space, nurturing a culture of open discussion and collective problem-solving. ### Contribution Links - [Public HAUS](https://publichaus.club/) - [DAOhaus](https://daohaus.club/) - [DAOhaus Monorepo](https://github.com/HausDAO/monorepo) - [Baal Shamans Repo](https://github.com/HausDAO/baal-shamans) - [Dune Analytics](https://dune.com/banana/DAO-Haus-and-dollarHAUS-Token) - [Flipside Crypto Dashboard](https://flipsidecrypto.xyz/santtee/dao-haus-dashboard-gP6ort) - [DAOcember Event](https://daohaus.substack.com/p/haus-party) - [Discord](https://discord.com/invite/daohaus) - [YouTube](https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKQOk6tM7r3lKN0HQdGXlcg) - [Medium](https://medium.com/daohaus-club) - [Mirror](https://daohaus.mirror.xyz/) - [Substack](https://daohaus.substack.com/) - [Twitch](https://www.twitch.tv/daohaus) - [Twitter](https://twitter.com/DAOhaus) ### Impact Category Collective Governance Developer Ecosystem ### Describe Impact PublicHAUS's contributions have significantly bolstered the decentralization and efficacy of the DAOhaus Protocol, with tangible and intangible benefits for the Optimism ecosystem. Here’s a delineation of the impact: - **Technical Advancements**: - The migration to Optimism facilitated by PublicHAUS has enhanced scalability and accessibility, contributing to a smoother user experience for DAO members. - The DAOhaus SDK and development libraries have reduced the technical barrier for creating and managing Moloch DAOs, becoming a valuable asset for developers within and beyond the DAOhaus community. - **Community Engagement**: - Events like the "12 Days of DAOcember" have fostered a vibrant community engagement, enabling knowledge sharing and collaborative learning among governance enthusiasts, builders, and coordinators. - The recurring Community Calls on Discord have created an open forum for discourse on pressing issues concerning DAOs and the web3 space, nurturing a culture of collective problem-solving. - **Educational Outreach**: - Through various platforms like YouTube, Medium, and Substack, PublicHAUS has disseminated valuable insights and educational content, aiding individuals and projects in navigating the DAO and web3 landscape. - **Governance Simplification**: - By addressing governance complexity and operational overhead, PublicHAUS has empowered individuals with more autonomy, fostering a more democratic and participatory governance model. - **Beneficiaries**: - **Optimists**: The migration to Optimism and the continuous efforts to reduce central points of failure in the DAOhaus Protocol have contributed to a diverse ecosystem, benefiting all Optimists. - **Projects and Companies**: Various projects, looking to leverage decentralized governance models have benefited from the tools, libraries, and community resources provided by PublicHAUS. - **Cross-Pollination**: - The collaborative ethos of PublicHAUS has fostered cross-community collaborations, enriching the Optimism and DAOhaus ecosystems with diverse perspectives and innovative solutions. The cumulative impact of PublicHAUS's contributions is a more robust, accessible, and community-centric DAOhaus Protocol, which in turn, enriches the Optimism ecosystem with a thriving community and a suite of tools essential for decentralized governance. ### Impact Metrics - **DAO Creation and Migration**: - Total DAOs Summoned on DAOhaus: 3,912 - Total DAOs Migrated/Summoned on Optimism: 64 - [DAOhaus V3 dashboard](https://flipsidecrypto.xyz/santtee/dao-haus-dashboard-gP6ort) - **Community Engagement Metrics**: - DAOcember: Below is a link to a playlist of videos from our DAOcember event, which highlighted many projects throughout the web3 ecosystem. This was an online "conference" held on our Discord Server at no charge for anybody to attend and partake. - [DAOcember Playlist](https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-ArYfrJv7VR30Y1FvbnQXdE8WqxLx2HE&si=BdWRIfxR2oBU1DzR) - HAUS Party Live: This has been a weekly event bringing together the DAO community on a variety of topics affecting the space. - [HAUS Party Live Playlist](https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-ArYfrJv7VSHYws3jqgiSy463JxyADk0&si=zs7pXqBMpJVAF2io) - Discord Members: 3,869 - Twitter Followers: 15.1K - **Developer Ecosystem Metrics**: - Open Source Public goods tooling, all available on our github. We take great pride in our monorepo particularly. We also maintain a repository of open-source "Shaman" contracts, which are contracts that enhance a DAO's functionality. - [DAOhaus monorepo](https://github.com/HausDAO/monorepo) - [Shaman Repo](https://github.com/HausDAO/baal-shamans) - Community Demos: The following video is a recent community call we held, closing out our "season" and bringing in the next season. This was an opportunity for people to showcase the projects they have created for or using the DAOhaus stack. - [DH Demo Day](https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL-ArYfrJv7VSHYws3jqgiSy463JxyADk0&si=zs7pXqBMpJVAF2io) showcasing developer metrics and projects. ## Grants and Funding Previously DAOHaus has raised funds by: - Community Contribution Event, which raised 2M, which was used for the development of the V3 protocol. - 80 Eth Grant from Moloch DAO, which was used to pay for audits of the V3 Moloch DAO contracts. - 50K USD from The Graph for Sub-Graph fees. Please note: DAOhaus does have a token with some liquidity on Optimism. [Haus-WETH Pool](https://velodrome.finance/liquidity?filter=default&query=haus) This LP does not benefit Public HAUS financially. We use the HAUS token to stake into the Public HAUS DAO, thereby behaving as a governance token enabling proportional voting weight to the amount staked.