# DAOhaus North Star On Monday's weekly sync we discussed refining our focus to a singular long(er) term goal, a north star that all contributors can use as a guiding light, in order to make an exercise like the seasonal OKRs more intentional and effective. ## Problem statement There is a lack of alignment between the few remaining contributors at DAOhaus. While there is semi-coordination occuring on the surface level in the form of short term goals, the vital elements of intention and accountability are essentially nonexistent. Short term goals should act as stepping stones towards a longer term vision. Whether or not the remaining contributors are aligned on a long term vision is debatable, but regardless, there is no single source of truth, no map that clearly defines where we're going, how we're getting there, and why we want to get there. ## Hypothesis By creating a new manifesto and roadmap, contributors can become more intentional while maintaining individual accountability that contributions remain aligned with the long term goals and vision. ## Solution Statement With dwindling funds and a only a few consistently engaged contributors, it's crucial to realign on DAOhaus' mission and manifesto. The solution is a 2 step process involving an alignment exercise and using the results from the exercise as building blocks for a roadmap and manifesto. This process, the exercise, and results can also be a tool to reengage and reinvigorate the DAOhaus contributor pool. ### Run a contributor alignment exercise Alignments should be made, when possible, on singular objectives, goals, and visions to keep things extremely clear and intentional for all contributors going forward. *It should be noted though, that this does not mean new ideas and experiments are bad. This exercise is solely for the purpose of defining a north star so that it becomes easier for both existing and new contributors to participate with more intention and individual accountability towards the overall mission.* Topics: - impact - beliefs/ideology - culture - brand/identity - sustainability *Some of these items fall across mulitple categories, and that's okay. Finding through lines is important.* Impact - Determine one thing all contributors could do, such by doing it, everything else will become easier or unnecessary. - Define what single accomplishment as an organization would be most impactful to DAOhaus as a whole. (internal impact) - Determine how each individual envisions DAOhaus impacting the world. - Determine what one thing DAOhaus could/should do to create the most impact, globally. (external impact) Beliefs/ideology - Determine what the single most important thing to each individual contributor is in regards to DAOhaus and the greater crypto space. - Determine the one reason each contributor is here and align those reasons towards a shared vision. - Determine if decentralization is important and if DH/PH is considered sufficiently decentralized. Culture - Determine the type of culture DAOhaus should represent. - Determine the aspects of culture that contributors like and don't like. - Determine one thing that can be done to build the desired culture. Brand/identity - Determine how strong the current DH brand is - Determine if the brand should change/evolve Sustainability - Determine if sustainability is important and what sustainability means to each contributor. - Determine a single strategy to focus on to reach sustainability. - grants - paid hosted service - HAUS token - VC funding - DeFi strategies - partnerships/collabs/clients - donated time by open source contributors - Determine what the single most important sustainable outcome is for DAOhaus. - Determine if in a perfect world, what is envisioned for HAUS token. - If there's a future for HAUS token, what is one thing to focus on that could increase adoption and encourage a more robust distribution. ### Use Alignment results as building blocks Based on the results of the contributor alignment exercise: - revisit the manifesto to determine if we still completely align with it or if a new/modified manifesto is required. - create a 1 year roadmap for 2024 based on what the single most important factors were determined to be. - use the roadmap as a guide for determining shorter term objectives. - use the roadmap as a single source of truth to align both existing and new contributors and gauge their contributions. - understand that shit happens, and it's okay to reevaluate the roadmap as things progress, and that more importantly, contributors must take the time to determine a new path to realign on, maintaining a single source of truth. ## Methodology ### Share this doc async for feedback - clarify any elements that may be unclear - change or remove items deemed unfit or unnecessary - add items that may be missing and are considered crucial to the process - finalize the doc for the next steps ### Create a form for each contributor to complete - determine if the form needs to be anonymous - turn the alignment execise items into questions - build a form for each contributor to fill out - set a window to submit - reach out to some less engaged/unengaged contributors to participate ### Collect and organize the data - once the submission window ends, aggregate the data into a doc or figjam - organize the responses into categories - identify through lines within the responses - identify clear trends / common repsonses - identify clear conflicts in responses ### Resolve conflicts and establish alignment - discuss conflicting responses and try to find a path to common ground - leverage the common responses as a foundation towards that common ground - agree on a single 1 year goal that aligns with all categories/responses ### Create a roadmap - after agreeing on a single 1 year goal, create high-level quarterly goals that align with that 1 year goal. - try to avoid setting goals that have a lot of dependencies - try to avoid goals that have quantifiable metrics - smaller objectives and important repeatable tasks can be defined either in an OKR TCR event or some other agreed upon method. ### Revisit the manifesto - based on alignments and the roadmap, determine if the manifesto is still relevant. - if it is not, rework the manifesto to better align with the new goals and vision. ## Past research / way finding sustainability figjam https://www.figma.com/file/lMCys8v476i7iGU4TknVY0/DH-SustainabilityWhiteboard?type=whiteboard&node-id=0-1&t=UMRSP7WHuGUldqNv-0 sustainability report https://hackmd.io/@daohaus/H1TMIh9Pq PublicHaus incentives figma https://www.figma.com/file/1UMdkI2TIHQVAKL5VWipGY/publichaus-vg?type=whiteboard&node-id=0-1&t=ncUAz6YVYctBZDFn-0 Strategic directions figma https://www.figma.com/file/nUYTYBvb2ARZUvrnSMP4KG/Strategic-Directions?type=whiteboard&node-id=50-150&t=Lleqshz96RkvXFKS-0 PublicHaus output https://publichaus.club/docs/welcome/