# Lecture schedule for MBL GERN 2023 Below, find the lecture schedule for the [2023 MBL Gene Regulatory Networks for Development](https://www.mbl.edu/education/advanced-research-training-courses/course-offerings/gene-regulatory-networks-development) course. Lectures are open to all; please join us! Unless otherwise specified, morning lectures take place in Candle House 104/105 at 9:30am, and afternoon/evening lectures take place in the Bay Reading Room on the second floor of Lillie. Afternoon lectures start at 2pm. Please contact Titus Brown ctbrown@ucdavis.edu with any questions. ### Monday, Oct 9 Morning lecture: **GRN overview: networks, modularity, subcircuits.** Dr. Veronica Hinman, CMU Afternoon lecture : **Cis-Regulatory Elements.** Dr. Scott Baralo, U. Michigan. ### Tuesday, Oct 10 Morning lecture: **Design Features of Cis-Regulatory Elements.** Dr. Scott Baralo, U. Michigan. Afternoon lecture: **Introduction to BioTapestry.** Dr. William Longabaugh, Institute for Systems Biology. ### Wednesday, Oct 11 Morning lecture: **Gene Regulatory Networks and Evolution.** Dr. Doug Erwin, Smithsonian. Afternoon lecture: **Hinman: GRNs in echinoderm development and evolution.** Dr. Veronica Hinman, CMU ### Thursday, Oct 12 Morning lecture: **Gene regulatory networks in Drosophila.** Dr. Mark Rebeiz, U. Pittsburgh. Afternoon lecture: **Gene regulatory networks in Drosophila, continued.** Dr. Mark Rebeiz, U. Pittsburgh. ### Friday, Oct 13 Morning lecture: **Inferring Gene Regulatory Networks.** Dr. Sarah Tulin, Canisius University. Afternoon lecture: **Evolution of the Bilaterian body plan.** Dr. Doug Erwin, Smithsonian. ### Saturday, Oct 14 Morning lecture: **Gene Regulatory Networks and Novelty.** Dr. Leslie Babonis, Cornell. Afternoon lecture: **Comparative GRNs in Arthropods.** Dr. Nipam Patel, MBL. ### Monday, Oct 16th Morning lecture: **High throughput Seq and inferring GRNs.** Dr. Hui-Chun (Grace) Lu, University College London. Afternoon lecture: **The evolution of neurogenic gene regulatory networks.** Dr. Roberto Feuda, University of Leicester. ### Tuesday, Oct 17 Morning lecture: **Sensory Placodes and GRNs.** Dr. Andrea Streit, King's College, London. Afternoon lecture: **Neural Crest and GRNs.** Dr. Megan Martik, UC Berkeley. ### Wednesday Oct 18th, Morning lecture: **Modeling AP patterning.** Dr. Zeba Wunderlich, Boston University. Afternoon lecture: **Morphogen Gradients/GRN logic response to gradients.** Dr. James Briscoe, Crick Institute. ### Thursday, Oct 19th Morning lecture: **GRN of neural crest.** Dr. Crystal Rogers, UC Davis.