# COSCUP Code of Conduct CC By 4.0 Translated from [the Chinese version (v20230725)](https://hackmd.io/@coscup/cococo-zh) ---- Since 2006, the COSCUP, Conference for Open Source Coders, Users, and Promoters has gradually developed into an annual event in the Chinese-speaking open-source community. In establishing an open, friendly, diverse, inclusive, and transparent open-source community environment, COSCUP believes that "respecting all people" is the most basic social consensus. On this basis, we promote equal interaction, maintain community values, prevent the occurrence of inappropriate incidents, and avoid any form of discrimination or harassment of all participants. This is the direction COSCUP strives towards, and therefore, the establishment of this Code of Conduct is the concrete implementation of this goal and also a fulfillment of our social responsibility. ### About Participants Participants in COSCUP include volunteers, speakers, partner communities, audiences, partners, and sponsors. Before cooperation, the COSCUP organizing team is obligated to inform all parties of the existence of this Code of Conduct. ### About the Time and Scope of Application of the Code of Conduct This Code applies to all online and offline activities related to COSCUP, including but not limited to pre-conference preparations to post-conference celebrations. Given the capacity of the organizing team, the principle is to handle complaints occurring within two months of the event. ### We Expect Behaviors That Promote Positive Development of the Conference - 40% listen to speeches, 60% make friends. - Partners are humble, the team is joyful, and actions are passionate. - Encourage self-realization, actions speak louder than words. - Show empathy and goodwill towards others. - Respect all participants' different beliefs, viewpoints, and feelings. - Have direct professional exchanges based on respect for facts. - Tolerate differences in viewpoints arising from different nationalities, cultures, and beliefs. - Provide constructive feedback and gracefully accept it. - Assume responsibility and apologize to those affected by our mistakes, learning from the experience. - Focus on what is most beneficial to the entire open-source community, not just individuals. - Actions align with words, contributing to personal credibility and trust. - Altruistic behaviors that are above moral standards. - Judge issues not individuals, and assume good faith in every discussion. ### We Absolutely Do Not Tolerate the Following Behaviors - Discriminatory behavior, including provocation, offense, misnaming, or differential treatment based on gender, sexual orientation, race, appearance, religion, age, physical condition, or personal identity. - Public expression, display, or broadcast of insulting, discriminatory, hateful, violent, or sexually suggestive speeches or images. - Public or private harassment. - Collection or public distribution of personal data without conference approval, including but not limited to contact information, occupation, workplace, etc. - Continued disruption of the agenda or normal conduct of activities, ignoring the stoppage by staff or participants. - Any illegal behaviors, including but not limited to: - Harassment using tracking, stalking, or social software tools, causing others to feel uneasy, afraid, or threatened. - Sexual harassment, offensive nicknames or physical contact, and any form of verbal or physical bullying. - Any violent behaviors or violent threats. ## How to Report? - If you're a volunteer, report to your team leader, who should also report to the organizing team. - If you're a speaker, partner community, partner, or sponsor, report to your COSCUP contact, who will then report to the organizing team. - If the report involves a conflict of interest or perpetrator, it can be passed to the general coordinator. - If participants encounter a CoC incident during the conference or related period, they can immediately report to the onsite staff for assistance or email coc@coscup.org. COSCUP is responsible for privacy and confidentiality, and a designated person will handle the matter. - When reporting by email, it's suggested to include details of related people, incidents, time, location, and objects, including evidence, testimonials, and your contact information. For anonymous reports, the conference will handle it based on the situation or record it. ### CoC Processing Team - Within one month after the incident, the general coordinator should form a processing team with a trustworthy third party with legal knowledge, selected by the person acted upon. - The processing team may select other third parties with relevant knowledge to assist with related incidents. ### Our Actions - If the organizing team finds someone who has violated the above behaviors or the law, the conference can refuse to cooperate after stating the reasons. If there are any doubts, please contact the organizing team for clarification. - If the aforementioned behaviors occur during the conference, the severity of the incident will be assessed and actions including moral persuasion, warnings, removal from the venue, or calling the police will be taken. The handling includes but is not limited to: - Moral persuasion will be used for map cannons, disrespect, improper pursuits, etc., and it will be recorded in the internal documents of the organizing team. - Specific single-person involved, clearer attacks, bullying behaviors will receive warnings and the incident will be announced. - The aforementioned handling documents will be recorded in the folder of the organizing team leader group, with access granted to each authority, and it will actually operate according to the CoC terms. - After investigation, if the Code of Conduct is violated and the severity exceeds moral persuasion, the conference will announce the person acted upon, the incident, and the handling content. - The conference will protect the personal data of the reporter and provide resources to assist the person acted upon in proper handling. COSCUP Open Source Conference is not just a gathering of the open-source community. While promoting open-source culture, we expect, under this Code of Conduct, to co-create a platform that allows every participant to freely explore the beauty of the open-source world, immerse in the annual open-source event. Open source is great! Reference: [Hacking Thursday 參與者公約](https://www.hackingthursday.org/coc) [SITCON 行為準則 / Code of Conduct CC BY 4.0](https://sitcon.org/code-of-conduct/) [Wikimedia Taiwan/Code of Conduct Taiwan ,CC BY-SA 4.0](https://meta.wikimedia.org/?curid=10978449) [g0v 行為守則/g0v Code of Conduct (CoC),CC BY 3.0](https://g0v.hackmd.io/s/COC)