# CodeRefinery blog post announcements for social media > Targeted at LinkedIn, also fits the Mastodon 500 char limit > Could do additional very short ones to X too (but don't have to) > Suggestion to post one every 2 days? In February, the CodeRefinery team met in Tromsö to discuss current issues and what we want CodeRefinery to become in the future. We have summarized the disucssions in blog posts which we will share over the next days. You can find all blog posts on our website: https://coderefinery.org/blog/ #RSEng #SciComp [307 char] ---- When moving from in-person workshops to large online workshops, we spent some effort on streamlining the streaming and video production process. Read the blogpost with links to our manuals with descriptions on the recording, editing and livestreaming process: https://coderefinery.org/blog/2024/04/04/in-person-video-production-session.md/ Want to learn more? Also read: https://coderefinery.org/blog/2024/03/17/streaming-training-workshop/ Are you interested? #RSEng #SciComp #Streaming #hands-on [494 char] ---- We try to make joining our workshops as easy as possible for everyone. Learners have different operating systems, access rights and preferences, so we need well documented installation instructions. We discussed how to improve the instructions and updated them. Read the blog with links to our current installation instructions (which we are very proud of) : https://coderefinery.org/blog/2024/04/04/in-person-install-instructions-session/ What do you think? #RSEng #SciComp #Installation [487 char] ---- During the Coderefinery in person meeting we discussed the pros and cons of asynchronous vs synchronous (live) teaching. We did not come to a conclusion as to what is the better way but you can read all about our discussion in our blog post: https://coderefinery.org/blog/2024/04/18/in-person-asynchronous-versus-live-online-teaching/ What is your favorite way to teach/learn? #RSEng #SciComp #WorkshopFormat [406 char] --- We are on multiple social media platforms but so far are mainly using social media to advertise our own and our partners workshop. In our discussion about our social media strategy we thought about what it is that we could and should use social media for and how we could implement it. Read the blog on our webpage: https://coderefinery.org/blog/2024/04/19/in-person-social-media-strategy/ Why do you follow us on social media? What would you like to read about? #RSEng #SciComp #SoMe [482 char] --- In our modular code development lesson we work together with the audience to improve a Python code example to make it more easily reusable. This is not the optimal format for everyone. We discussed how it could be improved and came up with some possible points to update. Read about the discussion in our short blog: https://coderefinery.org/blog/2024/04/19/in-person-modular-code-development-lesson/ What would you want to learn in a lesson on modular code development? #RSEng #SciComp #ModularCode [497 char] ---- One of the major lesson updates we worked on, was to make our git lessons to be more close to how a researcher would encounter git in their work: From the GitHub webinterface instead of the commandline. Read all about our motivation and find link to the new materials from our blog post: https://coderefinery.org/blog/2024/04/19/git-lesson-rewrite/ What do you think? Is it better now or was the old lesson better? #RSEng #SciComp #git #GitHub #VersionControl [457 char] ---- Our chat includes so many people that are in some way interested in the project and community. We discussed how we could better engage with the community we already have in the chat and how to onboard new (in-kind or volunteer) members. Read about our thoughts on the topic in our blog: https://coderefinery.org/blog/2024/04/10/writing-retreat-onboarding.md/ What would you expect in a perfect onboarding process? #RSEng #SciComp #community #onboarding [449 char] ---- We also discussed what the CodeRefinery community is and how we could engage more people to actively participate in the community that lives in our #Zulip chat. We have since implemented a lot of ideas that came up in the discussion. Read all about it in our blog: https://coderefinery.org/blog/2024/04/10/writing-retreat-community.md/ How could we engage you in the CodeRefinery community? #RSEng #SciComp #community [415 char]