# CodeRefinery Open House, August 24, 2020 - Time: 9:00 (CEST) / 10:00 (EEST) - Place: [Video link](https://uio.zoom.us/j/64953253839?pwd=TXJJcml4bEEvWmUzaC95R3NCeEp3dz09) ## Agenda - Introduction round - Brainstorming about suggested articles and new articles - Create working groups for each article ## Suggested articles Please write your name in () of each topic that you would like to contribute to. - Reposting the blog post about Mega CR to Carpentries (Naoe) - Found some issues to be fixed in the original blog post in CR site. - Citation for social influence on uptake of a new technology - Authors - Checking other parts - Future mega-CR (Naoe will draft, send a review request to those relevant) - During the team meeting, at least one plan for Oslo-Stockholm(+Uppsala) joint online workshop is initiated. - Update on citable lessons and credit/visibility for instructor and helpers (Naoe will take a look at it) - Update on sustainability efforts? (Bjørn, Thor may join there, too) - Manuals - how they can be used for your lessons (https://coderefinery.github.io/manuals/) - git-pr blog post () - re-advertising workshops from other sites (will be integrated in news letter) - inviting others to contribute to coderefinery - CarpentryCon and Nordic/Baltic network - To be written as a report of CR contribution in CarpentryCon after the panel session on 26th Aug. - ## git-pr blog post - Working on the existing hackmd here: https://coderefinery.github.io/manuals/ - Purpose of this post: every so often I tell someone they should use git-pr to save time, but I don't have a good introduction to it. This is supposed to serve that purpose. - Done enough (rkdarst is out of time), ready for review