# AlmaCare Installation Guide This guide describes how to install AlmaCare to your AlmaLinux system. ## Requirements * AlmaLinux 8 or AlmaLinux 9 operating system * x86_64 or aarch64 architecture * AlmaCare license key (should be obtained [here](https://tuxcare.com/almacare/)) * Internet access ## Installing AlmaCare To install AlmaCare you need to install the `almacare-release` package first. This package contains the AlmaCare repo definitions, TuxCare GPG key and the `almacarectl` setup tool. Run the following as root: ``` dnf install https://repo.tuxcare.com/almacare/almacare-release-latest-$(rpm --eval %almalinux).noarch.rpm ``` The second step is to activate your AlmaCare license on the system. You should run the `almacarectl` tool as root with your AlmaCare license key provided as a command line argument: ``` almacarectl --license-key AC-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX ``` This tool will do the following: 1. Check your OS and architecture 2. Check your license key for validity and purchased add-ons 3. Check if your system is already registered 4. Register to CloudLinux Network 5. Obtain a token to access the restricted AlmaCare repos 6. Enable the AlmaCare Updates repo 7. Switch the core AlmaLinux repos to use the https://repo.tuxcare.com mirror 8. Import the AlmaCare GPG key After installation you'll see the following message: ``` AlmaCare installed successfully ``` This means your system is registered and ready to receive updates from TuxCare. :::warning If during installation something goes wrong then the `almacarectl` tool will show an error message and suggest how to handle it. For example, if your system is already registered you'll have the following message: ``` This server already has an AlmaCare token installed To force re-registration, please run the script with --force ``` Then you will have to run `almacarectl` like this: ``` almacarectl --license-key AC-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX --force ``` ::: ## Installing AlmaCare add-ons AlmaCare add-ons are installed automatically based on the license key provided. Currently only the CyberSecurity add-on is available and its license key starts with *ACCS-*. So if you provide such a key during the AlmaCare installation you see the following message: ``` Your license key includes the CyberSecurity add-on. Setting up... ``` The following additional steps are automatically performed: 1. Download the KernelCare installer 2. Install KernelCare on your system 3. Install a token for access to the KernelCare servers 4. Enable the AlmaCare CyberSecurity repo :::warning If you want to enable the CyberSecurity add-on on the system that already has a basic AlmaCare subscription just run `almacarectl` with the `--force` argument: ``` almacarectl --license-key ACCS-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX --force ``` ::: ## Using AlmaCare add-ons Currently only the CyberSecurity add-on is available. After installation you can check that your system has access to the KernelCare servers by running this command: ``` kcarectl -u ``` You should get a message like this: ``` Downloading updates Patch level 1 applied. Effective kernel version 5.14.0-162.12.1.el9_1 Kernel is safe ```