# Son Hwa-yeon, who led Hyundai Steel to its 11th consecutive victory, “finished well this year with the women’s soccer team” European group [Choi Yu-ri](https://us.newyorktimesnow.com/read-blog/33066_lee-kang-in-not-forgotten-by-former-club-mallorca-quot-congratulations-on-your-f.html): “I was nervous before my debut on the British stage, but I tried my best” Striker Son Hwa-yeon, who joined the women's soccer team after leading Incheon Hyundai Steel to a comeback victory in the championship game of the Women's Soccer WK League, smiled brightly. Son Hwa-yeon met with reporters before the women's national team training convened at the Paju National Training Center (NFC) on the 27th and said, "Although this year's competition is over, I will finish well so that the national team can move forward next year." The women's national team, led by coach Colin Bell, will refine its tactics without an evaluation match in Paju until the 3rd of next month. Son Hwa-yeon said, “If there is no evaluation match, the burden is less,” but “But since it is a convocation after the competition, if you relax too much, you may get injured, so you have to be careful.” [Son Hwa-yeon](http://cse.google.tk/url?sa=i&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.casinosite.zone%2F), who was injured while training after the 2024 Paris Olympics Asian qualifying match against North Korea (0-0 draw) last month, had to watch the match against China (1-1 draw) from the outside. Korea, which had 1 win and 2 draws at the time, failed to advance to the semifinals and was thwarted from qualifying for next year's Olympics. Son Hwa-yeon said, “It was really disappointing. “It was even worse because I couldn’t go to the Olympics next year,” he said. Regarding mixed-race player Casey Eugene Fair (independent), who became the youngest player to debut at this year's Women's World Cup and has emerged as the future of the women's national team, he said, "He is young, but he communicates well. “We have the same position, but we can make up for each other’s shortcomings, which is having a positive impact.” Born in 2007, Fair was born to an American father and Korean mother. Son Hwa-yeon recorded a hat trick in the second game of the 2023 WK League championship held at Namdong Stadium in Incheon on the 25th, leading Hyundai Steel to a come-from-behind victory. Son Hwa-yeon, who had previously suffered a 1-3 defeat in the first game due to an injury, led the team to a 6-2 victory in the second game, creating a 7-5 comeback drama in the first and second games, and achieved a total of 11 consecutive losses. Son Hwa-yeon said, “It was difficult to play full-time in the second game, but fortunately, many goals were scored in the first half, which eased the burden and allowed us to be substituted in the second half.” Son Hwa-yeon, who prevented her close friend Ji So-yeon (Suwon FC) from winning, laughed and said, “My sister stimulated me before the game, and that actually benefited me.” European striker Choi Yu-ri (Birmingham City), who was called up this time after missing the Olympic qualifiers due to a hamstring injury (the muscle behind the thigh), said, “I watched the game on video, and even though I fought well, I was disappointed with the result.” However, he added, “I have now adapted to the high-intensity soccer that the coach wants,” and added, “I think that came out a lot in the Olympic qualifiers as well.” [Choi Yu-ri](http://www.kitaoka-group.com/pukiwiki/index.php?casinositezone3), who fully recovered from his injury and made his debut on the British stage against Reading (2-1 win) earlier this month, said, “I was nervous because it was my first time in the English league, but I came on as a substitute and tried to show as much as I could for about 30 minutes.” Choi Yu-ri, who has already become a senior member of the national team, emphasized, “There are still many older girls, so I am working hard to create an atmosphere in the middle,” and added, “I hope that the last convocation training of the year can be completed without injury.” [카지노사이트존](https://www.casinosite.zone/%EC%B9%B4%EC%A7%80%EB%85%B8.html) ![image](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/BJoqtG4Sp.png)