# Professional Players Association Recommends Japanese ‘Go Genius’ Sumire Guest Article # Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology holds a steering committee meeting on the 15th... Final decision at a later board meeting Sumire Nakamura (仲邑菫, 14) 3rd dan, Japan's proud 'genius baduk girl', is expected to compete with Korean professional players in earnest starting next year. On the 13th, the Korea Professional Engineers Association held a delegates' meeting at the Korea Kiwon headquarters in Majang-ro, Seongdong-gu and announced that it had passed Nakamura 3rd Dan's application for a guest article. **[카지노사이트](https://www.casinositetop.com)** An official who attended the delegates' meeting said, "First of all, the professional players have decided to accept Nakamura's joining on a Mahayana level," and added, "We plan to immediately recommend Nakamura as a guest engineer to the Korean Association of Professional Engineers." He also said, “It is difficult to disclose the specific contents of the meeting, but some people were concerned that the guest article recommendation was being promoted too hastily.” Upon receiving a recommendation from the Professional Engineers Association, the Korea Research Institute plans to review Nakamura's guest article approval proposal at the steering committee meeting held on the 15th. If it passes the steering committee, the final decision is expected to be made at the board of directors meeting held after October. Considering that there have been almost no cases where the Korean Association of Professional Players rejected proposals recommended by the **[Professional Players Association](https://bm.cari.com.my/home.php?mod=space&uid=2570082&do=blog&quickforward=1&id=475231)**, the feeling in the Baduk community is that Nakamura's activities as a guest player were in fact approved. Born to father Shinya Nakamura (仲邑信也, 9th dan), a professional player at Nippon Kiwon, and mother Miyuki Nakamura (仲邑幸), a strong amateur player, Sumire first encountered Go at the age of three. When Sumire showed a talent for baduk, her father Nakamura 9-dan personally searched for a dojang in Korea and introduced her to Jongjin Han's dojang in 2017 and taught her the game of baduk in earnest. As Nakamura demonstrated outstanding skills in domestic children's baduk competitions, Nippon Kiwon enrolled him in a special screening for gifted students in April 2019. Nakamura, who became a professional knight at the age of 10 and became the youngest person ever to win a title in Japan, won the women's competition in February of this year and also became the youngest person ever to win a title. Nakamura is expected to be a gifted player who will lead the future of Japanese baduk, but it is said that he decided to go to Korea to improve his skills. After receiving Sumire's request, the Japanese Medical Center held an executive board meeting after careful consideration and recommended him as a guest article to the Korean Medical Center early last month. However, since **[Sumire Nakamura](https://linkhay.com/blog/917367/korean-team-pledges-to-excel-at-the-asian-games-selection-ceremony)** is the established Japanese women's champion, she will defend her title in February next year and then she will come to Korea. Before she turned professional, she studied in Korea. Nakamura also became able to converse in Korean. She is also playing as a foreign player for the Suncheon Bay National Garden team in the NH Nonghyup Bank Korean Women's Baduk League this season.