Ahn Jung-hwan and Choi Jin-cheol Participate in ‘Legend All-Star Game’… Rematch with Totti and Maldini Korea, Italy, Brazil 'Legend All-Star Game' held at Goyang Stadium on October 21st 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup 'semi-finalists' Ahn Jung-hwan and Choi Jin-cheol will rematch 'Italian legends' Paolo Maldini and Francesco Totti on the field after 21 years. **[카지노사이트](https://www.casinositetop.com)** The stage will be the 'Legend All-Star Game' between Korea, Italy, and Brazil, which will be held at Goyang Sports Complex on October 21st. An official from Racing City Group Korea, which hosts the 'Legend All-Star Game', said on the 20th, "To promote the tournament, we will hold a press conference on the 22nd with Ahn Jung-hwan, Choi Jin-cheol, Maldini, and Totti attending." He added, "Everyone attending the press conference will participate in the Legend All-Star Game." Participation has been confirmed,” he said. This official added, “At the press conference on the 22nd, the full list of players who will participate in the Legend All-Star Game to be held next month will be revealed.” To promote the Legends All-Star Game, Racing City Group Korea recently invited soccer legends to Korea and held press conferences and youth clinics to meet fans. Last month, Ronaldinho (Brazil), Fabio Cannavaro, and Marco Materazzi (Italy) visited Korea, and earlier this month, Giulio Cesar (Brazil), Gianluca Zambrotta, and Massimo Oddo (Italy) visited Korea. Then, on the 21st, Maldini and Totti will arrive in Korea to promote the '[Legend All-Star Game](https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/5pi5a77mou591p2slbrof/Asian-Games-Introduction-for-Baduk-Chess-Bridge-Xiangqi.paper?rlkey=8mlxncoty0ymoneb68pzswxvl&dl=0)'. The outline of the 'Korean Legend' is being revealed as Ahn Jung-hwan and Choi Jin-cheol participate in the press conference on the 22nd. What Ahn Jung-hwan, Choi Jin-cheol, Maldini and Totti who are attending the press conference have in common is that they played in the round of 16 match between Korea and Italy at the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup held at Daejeon World Cup Stadium on June 18, 2002. At the time, Korea was down 0-1, but Seol Ki-hyun's equalizer in the 43rd minute of the second half was followed by Ahn Jung-hwan's 'golden goal' header in the second half of extra time, and they came from behind to win 2-1 and advanced to the quarterfinals. Golden goal star [Ahn Jung-hwan and Choi Jin-cheol](https://linkhay.com/blog/923792/ha-seong-kim-excluded-from-selection-for-three-days-in-a-row), who played a part in the three-back, meet Maldini and Totti again on the pitch 21 years later. Racing City Group Korea also unveiled the uniforms that players from each country will wear in next month's 'Legend All-Star Game'. The uniform was produced in collaboration between Racing City Group Korea's own brand 'Kickoff' and 'Goal Studio'.