# ‘Lee Hyun-seung and Twins’ Lee Hyun-jin “I was called last, but someday I’ll be at the front” # Lee Hyun-jin's twin brother, who was selected by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance as the 20th player in the 2023-2024 V-League Men's Rookie Draft, is Hyundai Capital setter Lee Hyun-seung. Before Lee Hyun-jin (22, Hanyang University)'s name was called, his 'twin brother' Lee Hyun-seung (22, Hyundai Capital) spoke to him through mobile messenger and even made phone calls. **[카지노사이트킹](https://www.casinositeking.com)** Lee Hyun-jin, who was the 20th and last person to be called by Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance in the Korean Volleyball Federation (KOVO) V-League 2023-2024 Male Rookie Player Draft held at the Mayfield Hotel in Gangseo-gu, Seoul on the 30th, said, "I was at the draft site and couldn't answer the phone. Even though I knew this, Hyunseung kept calling and sending me messages. “Even now, there are a ton of messages piling up,” he said. “Before I was called, they said, ‘It’s okay. He laughed, saying, "Those who go to the pros first will get a chance first, but those who come late also have a chance to do well." He laughed. Setter Lee Hyun-seung first attempted the 2022-2023 draft in October of last year when he was a third year at Hanyang University, and was drafted overall. He was selected by [Hyundai Capital](https://www.instagram.com/p/C1q1342L3sA) as the second choice and is playing his second season. Left-handed Apogee Spiker Lee Hyun-jin knocked on the door of becoming a professional this year before graduating from college. Lee Hyun-jin's name was not called in the first to third rounds of receiving contract payments. Trainee players do not receive a contract fee. The moderator asked, "Is there a club that would nominate a trainee player?" KB Insurance nominated Jeon Jong-nyeong (Kyonggi University), and then Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance Coach Kim Sang-woo raised his hand and shouted, "Hanyang University Lee Hyun-jin." Lee Hyun-jin was the last player called that day. It was. Lee Hyun-jin said, "I was tense until the end," and said, "I am fortunate and happy, but I also feel sorry for my classmates and juniors whose names were not called." Although the 'early draft', in which she challenges herself to become a professional before graduating from college, has become a trend in the men's [professional volleyball division](https://casinositeking.notion.site/casinositeking/Professional-Basketball-Sono-First-Regular-League-Win-cd20327d3cf14fb19e5c42684732930b), Hyunjin Lee calmly developed her skills during her four years in college. She also experienced professional life indirectly through Lee Hyun-seung, who appeared on the professional court a year earlier. Ironically, the club that nominated Lee Hyun-jin is Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Hyundai Capital's long-time rival. Lee Hyun-jin said, "When you think of volleyball, isn't it 'Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance and Hyundai Capital'?" and "Hyunseung is already a professional player, and I was appointed as a training player this time, so I have to work harder to become a real professional player (officially registered player). Later, I will participate in Hyundai Capital games. “When I come forward, I will definitely defeat Hyunseung,” he said enthusiastically. He claimed, "My parents love me as my younger brother more than my older brother. They will support me more in the pros as well." He also laughed and said, "Hyunseung protested to his parents, saying, 'Why do you only go to watch Hyunjin play?'" Although he has passed a difficult hurdle, in order to compete in the 'twin match' in the V-League, Lee Hyun-jin must go through the even more difficult process of going from a trainee player to a fully registered player. The barrier to Apogee Spiker, Lee Hyun-jin's main position, is higher as most professional teams choose foreign players as their starting players. [Lee Hyun-jin](https://blog.libero.it/wp/casinositewiki/2024/01/07/2022-hangzhou-paralympic-ag-athletes-return-home/), who said, "I respect all of the senior Apogit spikers," said, "Among the Apogits, I am not the tallest (195.2cm), but I have the ability to handle the ball at important moments. Even being left-handed is an advantage." emphasized. Of course, the will to “grow further” is also strong. Lee Hyun-jin said, "I will walk the difficult path with patience. I heard that in the pros, you can train more systematically. Today, I am the last player whose name was called, but someday, I will become the player who stands at the front." The message sent by Lee Hyun-seung, ‘Opportunities come even to those who come late’, contained the same meaning.