# WOMEN'S SOCCER WK LEAGUE TEAM TAKE ON THE CHALLENGE... 'STOP HYUNDAI STEEL'S 12th CONSECUTIVE LOSS' Suwon FC, preparing for the championship game, “We will not leave behind a second regret.” Ahead of the opening of the women's professional soccer WK League, each team's head coach boldly issued a challenge to end Incheon Hyundai Steel's 'dominance', which boasts an 11-game losing streak. At the opening media day of the 'Divellon WK League 2024' held at the Soccer Center in Jongno-gu, Seoul on the 12th, Hyundai Steel coach Kim Eun-sook expressed his determination, saying, "It would be a lie to say that I don't feel pressure, but I can achieve 12 consecutive losses." **[카지노사이트](https://www.casinositeking.com)** Hyundai Steel has always been considered the 'absolute power', but last season, it stayed in 3rd place until the end, but won the final game and won the regular season dramatically, advancing to the championship game. Coach Kim, who looked back on last season and said that the competition for the championship was fiercer than ever, emphasized, "I set a goal to increase both grades and scores by more than 10% in the new season." In the WK League, which is on a long journey from the 16th to the championship game scheduled for November, an increasing number of managers are challenging Hyundai Steel to end its dominance. [Suwon FC coach Park Gil-young](https://guidetoiceland.is/traveler-profiles/cristellecruz-six/db-coach-kim-joo-seong-kang-sang-jae-the-number-one-contributor), who kneeled in last season's championship game, said, "The 2023 season was a very disappointing year," and "I will not have two regrets. I will dedicate the trophy to the fans who love me." Suwon FC appeared to be winning the championship by winning the first game 3-1 with women's soccer star Ji So-yeon (Seattle) at the forefront, but suffered a shocking 2-6 defeat in the second game and lost the title right before their eyes. Suwon coach Park, who filled the void by recruiting national team striker Kang Chae-rim even though Ji So-yeon left to play for the U.S. women's professional soccer team, said, "The most scary thing is knowing but not being able to block. I will show you soccer where analysis is meaningless." At the same time, he looked back and said, “After the first round of last year’s championship, when I saw the reactions of my acquaintances and fans, I thought I had won.” Last season, the team that reached the 'finals' along with Hyundai Steel and Suwon FC was Hwacheon KSPO. KSPO coach Kang Jae-soon, who lost to Mungyeong Sangmu in the final game of the regular season and missed first place and a ticket to the championship, also said, "It's been 14 years since I took office, and I haven't been able to easily talk about winning, and Mokpo was in third place." He added, “This year, I dare to challenge myself to achieve the dream of winning that I couldn’t achieve last year.” Originally, the team competing with Hyundai Steel for the championship in the WK League was Gyeongju Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power (KHNP). However, KHNP finished fourth last season and did not even make the playoffs. Song Joo-hee, coach of KHNP, said, "Last year, we did not get good results, so I went through a big crisis as a coach. Now, I think we need a new perspective on winning," and added, "We prepared with the goal of winning." Striker Yeo Min-ji, who attended with [Coach Song](https://www.trialsitenews.com/a/mlb-dodgers-and-san-diego-travel-to-seoul-e0afbd9c), also expressed her determination, saying, "We have recruited a lot of good players. We will achieve not only the regular season but also the overall championship. I will show it on the stadium." Yeo Min-ji made the audience laugh by saying, "Besides soccer, the players also play table tennis among themselves to create a good atmosphere. We hold a competition and receive participation fees and prize money." As the 'Table Tennis Gate' that broke out in the men's national soccer team inevitably came to mind, the head coaches looked embarrassed and could not hold back their laughter. In addition to these teams classified in the semifinals, the team considered a dark horse was Sejong Sports Toto, led by coach Yoon Deok-yeo. Coach Yoon, who also served as the national team's head coach, expressed his expectations for the new member Jeong Seol-bin, saying, "This year, I will go to the playoffs. I will confidently face the opposing team on the field." Striker Jeong Seol-bin fills the void left by South African international Hilda Magaia, who left the team after last season. Coach Yoon said, "It's unfortunate that he couldn't catch Hilda, but everyone should recognize Jeong Seol-bin's scoring ability. Other players should assist him with his ability." The WK League, which previously had Hyundai Steel as its title sponsor, attracted HD Hyundai Infracore's construction equipment brand 'DEVELON' as an official sponsor this season. It has been five years since the 2019 season that the [Korea Women's Football Federation](https://www.collcard.com/post/96977_lee-kang-in-full-time-on-national-team-psg-advances-to-french-cup-semifinals-ogc.html) held a WK League Media Day.