# Hack For Freedom Submission ## Name of Project [FbFly](https://fbfly.xyz/) ## Project Description FbFly has built a tool that enables a Facebook Group to build a DAO for their group within minutes and that abstract away any required blockchain knowledge whatsoever. ## Why There are over 10 million active Facebook Groups, representing potentially the largest foundational base of “internet communities” in the world. DAOs need internet communities and internet communities need DAOs. FbFly believes that many of these Facebook Groups could be given wings to fly...to be able to raise funds, earn funds and collectively decide on how these funds should be deployed. Once a group has created their FB DAO, DAO votes then get displayed directly within the official Facebook Group message board so that all members can view it. An additional invite to join the DAO is immediately posted in the message board upon DAO creation. In addition to the DAO builder, we’ve also built a registry to discover each of the FB DAOs created and provide easy access and login to after they have been created. ## Technology The tool has been built on top of the Facebook API and Aragon Connect. In the initial MVP, we have used the Membership template as the opinionated template of choice with preconfigured parameters to streamline onboarding. We’ve also leveraged Tor.us so that users can login directly with their Facebook account - a necessity in order to create a DAO for a given Facebook Group or to login to an existing DAO affiliated with a given Facebook Group. ## Sustainability and future operations FbFly has the potential to become an important integration for Facebook themselves. ## Next Steps We’re planning to demo FbFly to Facebook themselves and already have the connections to 2 separate people at Facebook, both of whom are responsible for growing Facebook Groups in their respective regions - London & Berlin. Given the impending launch of Facebook Libra, we anticipate that Facebook will be interested in what we’ve built and may seek to leverage parts of it for adoption inside Libra. To support ongoing development, we’ve also partnership in principle with Ramp Network who have agreed to share crypto on-ramping commission. FBFly is supported by the FBC token which can be a tradable token and be used to influence development proposals of the FbFly product. ## Project Team List each team members name and role, along with their primary GitHub handle. github.com/dan13ram - Dhanwanthari Ramakrishnan - developer github.com/befitsandpiper - Anonymous developer github.com/owisixseven - Adrián García - UI/Brand designer https://github.com/jsimbouras - James Simbouras - Comms / Community https://github.com/joeycharlesworth - Joe Charlesworth - Special ops github.com/crisog - Cristopher Ortega - Developer ## A prototype (code or no-code) Links to Github Repo https://github.com/fbfly/website Link to Video Demo https://youtu.be/TdfwjOu8A94 ## Beta-product page + lead capture url https://fbfly.xyz/ ## Pitch-deck https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1wM7vNkSXYMI-TBp4PI5aGXoHErBfHECsw7CVY5NaVvA/edit?usp=sharing