Solidly Upgrade After careful consideration and a thorough investigation of all known bugs and issues with Solidly, we have come to the conclusion that it’s in the best interest of the community and the ecosystem as a whole to fix all existing issues -- culminating in a fork of the original Solidly code. Our goal is to maximize the value to all stakeholders of the current Solidly ecosystem and to transform Solidly into the #1 exchange in crypto. Additionally, Solidly will serve as a deep liquidity pool and as a secondary market for upcoming Deus Finance products, including forex pairs, derivatives, synthetics, futures, options and stocks. We have garnered support of both Solidex and 0xDAO, who support this upgrade in the strongest terms possible. The key issues with the current Solidly implementation that we are addressing are: - Claimable bribes and fees do not correspond to snapshot votes (they can be gamed) - In some cases the ability to claim SOLID, fees or bribes can stop working - It's possible to DoS Solidly to make claiming SOLID more expensive (and in some cases temporarily breaking integrating protocols) - There is an additional mechanism present that allows users to game fee earning There are a number of other fixes we are working on which we will disclose once our implementation is complete.