# **Glutamine for Bodybuilding – Is it a Safe Additive?** ![](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/HkmKkpaC2.jpg) ***Glutamine is one of the most abundant amino acids found in your bloodstream.*** It might not be a specific element needed for daily sustenance and life. Yet it becomes necessary under special circumstances. Known for its healing properties it can aid quick recovery of the body. Its consumption becomes important in case of an injury, trauma, or under high-interval training. It is to be consumed in an adequate quantity to keep your health from tripping. Especially needed during intensive exercise it helps to regulate the gym hours. `Glutamine further gives you better immunity and strength aiding overall health. The amino acid increases the production of white blood cells for fighting bacterial infections. ` Supporting the brain function it also has a vital role to play in body building. In the next section let us discuss some of the major benefits associated with glutamine. ## **Top 4 Benefits of Glutamine for Bodybuilding** Acting as an essential aid during fierce workouts, glutamine supplements accelerate the process of bodybuilding. [**Glutamine for bodybuilding**](https://bigandripped.com/glutamine-for-bodybuilding/) helps to fulfill the sudden decline in the body post-workout. This makes its regular supply even more important. Enhancing muscle grain and health, this dietary additive can be a great help in maintaining your endurance. Some of its noteworthy benefits include- ### **#1. Muscle Growth** Excessive glutamine in the body causes muscle anabolism while insufficient quantity leads to catabolism of muscles. Thus, consumption in accurate amounts leads to healthy and strong muscles. ***Glutamine improves the skeletal muscle tissue function and gives you increased muscle growth.*** Further, it also improves muscle protein synthesis and aids muscle fibers. It helps prevent long-term muscle damage acting as a much-needed body-building aid. ### **#2. Maintains Hydration** Indulging in high-intensity exercises causes a sudden drop in muscle hydration.This further causes a decline in protein synthesis reducing muscle growth. `Glutamine maintains the right amount of hydration in muscles to uphold their strength and volume. ` Regular consumption of the amino acid showed a significant boost in the recovery time. Glutamine supplements increase sodium absorption in skeletal muscles. This results in keeping them stronger for long. ### **#3. Enhanced Recovery** Known for its quick muscle recovery, glutamine is an excellent gym equipment. The microscopic damage to the muscles not only causes quick fatigue but also long-term harm. *Weight lifting an essential part of bodybuilding is likely to increase this damage thus making muscles weaker.* Regular consumption of the additive can aid quick recovery and regular training sessions. It gives you extra gym hours and helps you indulge in increased reps. 15-30 gm of glutamine dosage for muscle recovery can be effective in enhancing protein synthesis. Reducing muscle soreness and cramps it lets you indulge in regular exercise. ### **#4. Give you Better Immunity** Like muscles, the overall health of the body needs to be maintained for an effective workout. Consuming glutamine fuels your immune cells and improves the production of the WBCs. ***Acting as the combat force of the body, these cells ensure that you don’t fall prey to diseases and infections.*** `Glutamine also helps you to indulge in regular workouts and effective handling of the training stress. ` With a strong body, you can perform increased reps and have more number of gym hours. These benefits associated with regular glutamine consumption make it essential for the gym. It not only aids your basic bodybuilding but also adds to muscle health. It helps in giving definition and volume to the muscles needed during bodybuilding. The question however is how much glutamine per day for muscle gain? ***Consuming around 2-6 gm of its supplement post-workout can show significant improvement.*** Leading to quick muscle gain it also helps with lean muscle mass preservation. This way you can extract the maximum advantage from the same workout schedule. If you’re looking for a potent supplement that combines glutamine and offers optimum benefits HyperGH 14x would be beneficial. ## **Glutamine Supplement for Bodybuilding** HyperGH 14X is a popular HGH boosting pills that supports the natural production of growth hormone. Further, it also enhances muscle growth by stimulating the availability of free hormones in the body. It is one of the greatest HGH supplements for individuals who want immense growth in their muscular entropy and overall health. `In short, it’s the key supplement one needs to balance up the production of growth hormone and testosterone levels in the body. ` The composition of natural ingredients makes it a safe and natural additive to enhance bodybuilding efforts. Looking forward to the [**HyperGH14x results reviews**](https://bigandripped.com/hypergh-14x/), the supplement is good to indulge in the diet. ## **Key Takeaways** Glutamine, one of the most easily available amino acids in the body has various roles to play. Aiding the regular daily functions of the body, it also helps you in your bodybuilding goals. With its excellent immunity and WBC-building properties, it keeps you strong and better prepared. It maintains adequate hydration levels along with giving a boost to your metabolic health. > Lowering the rate of muscle loss helps in better muscle recovery and health. It further keeps your intestinal health in check which is an important part of internal functioning. These properties make its regular replenishment an essential part of the body cycle. Found in food items like chicken, dairy, eggs, beans, and spinach its intake is easy. It can be synthesized by multiple tissues in the body giving you better results. So for all those looking for an effective dietary aid, glutamine supplements could be your go-to. With a wide range of added advantages, it can help you reach your goals faster.