# KALI x NANI ### What can NANI do for DAOs? ### How can we train NANI modularly? #### DAO Roles Maybe we can answer the 2 questions by looking at the questions DAO stakeholders would ask 1. DAO contributors - How do I contribute? - How is contribution recognized legally, e.g., IP? - How to get compensated? 2. DAO community - I have a ton of questions about the DAO, where do I start? - What do I need to know to effectively participate in the community? - I spot someone saying terrible things, who and where do I report this? - Are there badges and roles in this DAO? How do I get them? 3. DAO operators - Operations - What are the steps to setting up a compliant and operational entity to support my DAO? - Legal - What legal docs do I need to run a compliant and operational DAO? - What is the best way to legally structure DAO multisig signers and DAO’s community? And dev co if any? - Governance - How do we manage proposal process? - Current - Reach soft consensus - Review long form considerations - Summarize & put up for official vote - Execute vote result - Future - Nani to facilitate conversation and proposal execution 1. how do we contribute modularly?