# Ansible Community Day India, 2023 ###### tags: `events` This document is here to sketch the outline, plan and the execution of the Ansible Community Day India, 2023. ## What? Ansible Community Day is a day-long community-focused event to talk about Ansible project, community and wider ecosystem. We will be having talks, hands on workshops, discussions and Birds of Feathers sessions. We will discuss user pain points and the upstream’s solution to that, what's new in Ansible project, status of the community, plans for now and future. ## Why? Ansible Community is not a monolith rather a community of communities and we rally behind a common thread that is making automation simpler. 2020 - 2022 these two years have been two very crucial years for our Community. Not only the pandemic but there were also crucial structural changes that happened at the project level as well. Now the community is shaped much differently from it used to before 2020. Ansible Community Day is an effort where the Ansible community both upstream and downstream meet in person to discuss the aforementioned subjects and kick start our events for pan India. This would give the opportunity to revive the old connections and get to make new ones. ## Ideas and execution plan CFP and Event Page be ready by 21st December, 2022. And set the news in Bullhorn. ### Session kinds - User stories - Upstream project - Awareness about a particular project - Workshops - BoF - Lightning talks ## Date and Time We are considering 2 dates. Both are Saturdays and please comment which one would you prefer. 🗓 25th Febreuary, 2023 🕘 9:30 AM IST - 5:00 PM IST ## Location **Red Hat India Private Limited** Tower 6, Magarpatta Inner Circle, Cybercity, Magarpatta, Hadapsar, Pune, Maharashtra 411013 ## Retrospective - Recording: The community has decided not to put the talks publicly. Because there are specific talks whose content is pretty old and mostly a company presentation, therefore we decided not to publish any of the talks. - OurAvaya filed for bankruptcy, check beforehand with the organization - ## Positive - attendees coming from far pan India (7 cities) - good turn up - got new people interested in the community and organizing meetups - good re-scheduling on the spot - food was good - great engagement with the audience - new chances to collaborate with the universities - 2 new meetup groups are rebooting in India post this meetup - people were engaged in workshops - everything was open and detailed planning is available in the hackmd doc for people to have a look ## Negative The content of the event needed to be better. Some talks demonstrated old content. Recording technicalities were complex, and the organizing team could have done a much better job of making the speakers' life much easier. BoFs were open-ended. Complains on hygiene ### To do - have a rehearsal of the talk - demo run for the event - better review process - better publicity of the event and the CFP will help us get better speakers - To fix some BoF topics, hosts, and a general outline (rather than what points not to miss during the event) before the event. - To start and end the event on time. - To have volunteers specific for the timekeeping. ### Feedback on Red Hat Pune venue - microphones for the audience - google form, rsvp, or a meetup - no last minute rsvp (at least 2 days before the event) - email id and contact details are required to get people in to set up a process. - tea, coffee & water needs to be taken care of by the organizers and will not be managed by the site (specific to the Red Hat) - Food has to be organized prior. ## Matrix room You can have conversations with us in the Ansible Community Matrix room named - [Ansible Contributor Summit](https://matrix.to/#/#summit:ansible.com) - [Ansible Social](https://matrix.to/#/#social:ansible.com) To join the community using Matrix, you need two things: - a Matrix account (from Matrix.org or any other Matrix homeserver) - a Matrix client (we recommend Element Webchat) ## Schedule 8:30 Welcome & Networking 8:40 - 8:55 Present & Future of Ansible Community by Anwesha Das (5 mins break) 9:00 Ansible Tower (AWX) simplifies Kubernetes Operations by Saurabh (5 mins break) 9:30 Using Ansible-Navigator by Shatakshi 10:00 - 10:15 TEA_BREAK 10:15 - 10:40 Automating IT operations with AWX and Ansible by Sanjay (5 mins break) 10:45 - 12:15 Ansible 101 Hands-on Workshop by Akshay [Workshop] 12:15 - 13:15 Lunch: BOF Discussion over lunch with OP & AK 13:15 - 13:40 Network validated content by Ashwini (5 minutes break) 13:45 - 14:10 Automate your middleware products using ansible-middleware collections by Ranabir (5 minutes break) 14:15 - 15:45 Continuous Deployment(CD) with Ansible, Docker and Jenkins by Udayendu [Workshop] 15:45 - 15:50 min Wrap-up CLOSING ## Good to have topics - User stories (ansible journey and automation journey as a whole) - Ansible Community - Ansible Core - Ansible Network Automation - Ansible Security Automation - Ansible Devtools - AWX - Execution Environments - Navigator ## Social Media template We have planned to publicize the event from our social media handle and posts from Ansible Official accounts. It helps us to reach our follower base as well. Here we are sharing some post templates, but please remember posts with a personal touch can create magic :). ### Example Posts Wondering where the Ansible project is headed to? Join us in Ansible Community Day India, 2023, on 25th February at Red Hat, Pune office. We are having Ansible Community Day India, 2023, on 25th February at Red Hat, Pune office. Join us and share your Ansible journey with us. Ahh, Ansible needs to be able to solve your requirement. Why? Let's ask people who develop Ansible. Join us in Ansible Community Day India, 2023, on 25th February at Red Hat, Pune office. #### Please share your social media handles if you want to be tagged. Anwesha Twitter : @anweshasrkr Mastodon : https://toots.dgplug.org/@anwesha Linkedin : https://www.linkedin.com/in/anwesha-das-1247121a2/ ## Meeting details #### 2023-02-15 Time : 1:30 PM IST #### Agenda - Food budget - Live telecast and Recording facilities - Social media plan and resposibilities - Standee status ## Meeting Minutes microphone connection, screen sharing, recording, microphones for the audience ## Meeting details #### 2023-02-10 Time : 1:30 PM IST #### Agenda - Talk Selection - Schedule fixing - Budget planning - Administrative details planning ### MOM - Talks has been selected and have a look into the schedule mentioned in the Schedule section as above - Siya confirmed about food budget will not come from RH site office. But she can help with vendor. The food budget is - 13000 inr. Anwesha to ask Carol about this. Ompragash to ask Neha about the budget. - Ompragash to announce it in Bullhorn - To check on the details of the venue and Live telecast and Recording facilities Anwesha to be in the Pune office on 23rd and 24th. - All the attendees need to carry their Government id cards. Red Hatters need to carry the Red Hat ids. - Attendee list needs to be given by 22nd to Siya. - These administrative reqirement to be announced in the meetup page. - Spekers to submit their sildes by Wednesday 15th. #### 2023-02-08 Time : 1:30 PM IST #### Agenda 1. State of things 2. State of schedule 3. Promotion 4. Red Hat Office booking 5. Volunteering duties 6. Food status 7. Swags 8. Status of tickets for the poeple 9. Preparations yet to be done? #### MOM With the latest changes we are expecting 35-40 attendees now. Anwesha to ask Carol about the food budget. The idea is Pune RH will arrange the food later it will get reimbursed. Ompragash & Anwesha to fix the schedule by Thursday 9th. Answesha to announce schedule Bullhorn. Red Hat Office booking is confirmed. Standee?? -> Ajinkya to give update about it. Anwesha pinged him over chat. Posters done Social media plan : people to post from their social media handle, Ansible to post. Use this hackmd doc to have post template. #### 2022-01-11 Time : 1:30 PM IST #### Agenda 1. The event to be hybrid. It has been briefly discussed in the last week's meeting. The consensus was we should have it solely as in person event. But with the growing number of Covid cases around the globe and the fact that we are unable to provide travel assistance to the speakers it might be a good idea to have a hybrid event. 2. Budget planning 3. Swag requirement #### MOM 1. The event will be in-person (solely). If the situation gets worse with covid then we can decide on if we want to go hybrid. 2. Talks will be recorded. 3. Schedule: 8 - 10 talks + BoF sessions. 4. Swags list to be given to Carol. Swags will be delivered to Pune office. 5. Budget : food (from the Pune office), [standee](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MGq5TJRh-cVIS0uA9aTXRidb-cfOF2AK/view?usp=sharing). 6. Outreach : Post is all the meetup groups, reminder mails one week before the event, post from our personal social media accounts. #### 2022-12-18 Time : 1:00 PM IST #### Agenda 1. Fix on the date and confirm to Red Hat 2. Discuss about the content 3. Discuss and fix about the format 4. Discuss about what can be in content 5. Discuss about Online talks #### MOM - Confirmed on 25th February, 2023 - Anwesha will draft the CFP write up and share it Hackmd by 21st Dec, 2022 - The Bullhorn edition of 23rd must have the CFP announcement - Abhijit and Ompragash will help to set up the CFP & event page - Abhijit will do the bookings and take care of administrative stuff for foor and refresment - Anwesha to take care of the swags ## CFP Ansible Community Day is a day-long community-focused event to discuss the Ansible project, community, and broader ecosystem. It is a gathering of the Ansible community of users and developers pan India. We will have talks, hands-on workshops, discussions, and Birds of Feathers sessions. We will discuss user pain points and the experts' answers to that, what's new in the Ansible project, the state of the community, and plans for now and the future. It is a diverse community event that promises to provide the whole group with a pleasant occasion for the community. Help us to uplift our community ethos by following our Code of Conduct guidelines. We are seeking speakers for the talks, workshops, and BoFs. If you want to share : - Ansible user stories - Stories about your Automation journey - Technical discussion on Ansible upstream projects - Share some new ideas about the project or the community - Awareness about a particular project - State of the Ansible community **Duration** Talk : 25 minutes Workshop : 1 hour and 30 minutes **Timeline** 23 rd January 2023 (IST) is the last day to submit talks. 31st January, 2023 Talks Selection notification goes to the selected speakers. The 3rd February 2023 program for the day will be published in here. See you all on 25th February, 2023 at the Red Hat office in Pune, India. **Travel Assistance** Unfortunately, we are unable to provide travel assistance to the speakers. But we will be able to provide any administrative help to ease the attendance of the speakers.