EIC Abstract Five years ago, my co-founders and I started Animo Solutions with one aim: to make self-sovereign identity and verifiable credentials easy and accessible for all. Since then, our team has created and assisted others in developing verifiable credential solutions for various applications, mainly using Hyperledger Aries standards. We've primarily used Aries Framework JavaScript (now Credo) and are still project maintainers today. The digital identity world is changing quickly, with decentralized identity gaining global recognition. Governments like the European Commission are adopting it, yet each approach is unique, leading to the constant emergence of new standards. This can make creating and maintaining accessible tools challenging. In this presentation, we'll discuss how Animo Solutions has adapted to these changes. We'll share our experience in developing user-friendly SSI tools and keeping up with evolving technical and legal standards. We'll also cover the importance of community involvement, our strategy for keeping up with trends, and why being a leader sometimes means embracing change first.