# A Great Dispensary For Medical Marijuana # The [Portland dispensary](https://www.lookyweed.com/dispensaries-in-portland) is the original growers, processors and retail suppliers of medical marijuana in the State of Oregon. They operate two stores in Portland. They are licensed by the Oregon Health Authority to sell regulated marijuana. Their business name, said by them, came from two sources: The first is an old Chinese restaurant where my father used to dine as a child. My second source was actually an old Chinese laundry room where my father grew up. My family took over the store from my father and my mother. I have been involved with the dispensary ever since it opened in the 1990's. I have always felt proud to be associated with my roots. Now, the question that arises is: Is the Dispensary Oregon? What is their standing? In my view, I would say "good". They have a good business plan, marketing, quality of product, and most importantly, they operate a very clean business. It would be difficult for anyone to run a marijuana store that does not respect the rules and regulations of the state. The Dispensary is directly regulated by the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC). This agency has an online site, which shows their licensing status and all the requirements that they need to meet. There are over four hundred businesses that can sell liquor in Oregon. Of course, we are not talking about the entire state. But, the Dispensary is a member of the Network of Oregon Liquor Licensees. When you do business with an organization like this, you are doing business according to the rules of the state. As a result, you will receive the same great customer service, privacy, and quality of products that you would expect at your brick and mortar business. If you are considering using this store for your medical needs, I suggest it. You will receive the same great service at a far cheaper price than what you would expect. In fact, you could save money on the tax man every time you make a purchase. The Dispensary does everything they can to be a great neighbor in the city. They want to help our local community and keep everyone safe. Dispensaries have to follow all the regulations set forth by the city and county. This is why the rules for the Portland dispensary are different than other venues. Anyone who has ever dealt with Dispensaries before is well aware that they are very courteous and willing to help. They will even offer a free consultation where you can discuss your business needs and give them an idea as to what they can offer you. Then, they will go from there and make sure they are following all the rules and regulations that are set forth. The key is to let them know what you want. The Dispensaries want to keep business flowing and to make sure the community benefits from the offerings of each business. The Dispensary staff can be very helpful when calling up a potential client or when making follow ups. If you are thinking of opening a new business, I encourage you to consider the Portland Dispensary. It's a great way to be a part of the healing art of marijuana. Our country still prohibits marijuana, but people are starting to take a different look on the drug. People are starting to realize that the laws do not make sense anymore. When you decide to open a Portland Dispensary, it will only be a matter of time before the business takes off and becomes a big deal in the city.