It is crucial for businesses to maintain accurate records and keep a data track of all their financial information. To protect financial information, you must backup the company files regularly. In this blog post, we will discuss how to [restore QuickBooks backup files]( and ensure they are kept secure. If something goes wrong, like your computer crashes or you need to undo the recent changes, these backup files can be a savior. It's like having a safety net for your financial information in case of any unfortunate occurrence. We have created this guide to help you restore company files without any issues, but you may find performing these steps challenging because these include complex technical terms. If that is the case, our QuickBooks technical team is here to assist. Don't hesitate to dial [+18557380359](tel:+1.855.738.0359) and contact them. ## Situations When You May Need to Restore Backup Files A number of times, you may be required to restore the backup files such as: * When the company files get damaged or corrupted to a great extent, you can't fix it with the available tools. **The following blogs can help you:[ Find The Best Way to Resolve QuickBooks Error 1904](** ## Steps to Restore a Backup of the Company Files Follow the solution below to restore a backup company file in QuickBooks. QuickBooks creates a new company file (.qbw) by using a backup company file (.qbb). Note: If your backup file is on an external device (like a USB drive) or a hosting service (like Box), first move it to your local hard drive. * Open QuickBooks and then go to the "File" menu. * Select "Open or Restore Company." * Choose "Restore a backup copy" and then click "Next." * After that, choose "Local Backup" and then click on the "Next." * Browse your computer to find the backup company file. It will have the file extension ".qbb" and look like this: "[Your company name].qbb." * Select a folder on your computer where you want to save the restored company file. Click "Open" to continue. **Note:** If your existing company file is in the same folder as the backup file, you may overwrite the data. To prevent this, you can: Rename either the existing company file or the backup file to make it unique. * Click "Save." If you get the message of overwriting the data, choose the option that best fits your needs. Only overwrite if you are sure to change it. * Now, you can start working from your new company file. **Read More: [Set Up A 1099 Contractor In QuickBooks | Independent Contractor](** By following the above-outlined steps, you will be able to restore QuickBooks backup files without losing any data. Do not forget to take a backup of the files and ensure that the financial records are safe, thus avoiding any unexpected issues that may come up. If you find it difficult to implement the steps on your own, feel free to contact our QuickBooks Support team at [+18557380359](tel:+1.855.738.0359) for further assistance. **Recommended Read : [Learn How You Can Do QuickBooks Reset Password Token Number](**