We know printing checks in QuickBooks Desktop is really important because it helps you maintain a track record of your financial data and other related transactions, such as paying the vendors or employees, to avoid any discrepancy. In this blog post, you will learn [how to print check in QuickBooks Desktop](https://asquarecloudhosting.com/unable-to-print-checks-in-quickbooks/); make sure you read it till the end. ***If you require further assistance with printing checks in QuickBooks Desktop, do not hesitate to dial [+18557380359](https://) and contact our QuickBooks Technical support team.*** ## **Write a Check in QuickBooks Desktop** Here's how you can write checks in QuickBooks Desktop to easily ensure accurate records and track payments made through checks. Follow the below-mentioned simplified steps to write checks in QuickBooks. Bank Account: This is the account from which the money will be withdrawn. Ending Balance: This is the balance of the selected bank account as of the date you are writing the checks. Pay to the Order of: In this field, there should be the name of the payee or the person or business you are issuing the check. No.: In QuickBooks, the number is assigned based on the check number preference you set. Date: Enter the date when you are issuing the check. Amount: Check the amount in numbers. QuickBooks will automatically convert this amount into words below in the 'Pay to the order' field. Address: The address of the payee is automatically fetched from the payee's name setup. Memo: This field is optional, but you can use it to provide additional details about the payment, such as account information, the period, and other relevant information. Print Later or Pay Online: Check the 'Print Later' checkbox if you want to print the check later. If you are processing an online payment, check the 'Pay Online' checkbox. Expenses or Items tab: You can use either the Expense tab or the Items tab, depending on the type of payment. Expense tab: You can use this tab to enter expenses such as shipping charges, liabilities, or other costs not associated with any specific item in QuickBooks. Items tab: Use this tab to select the appropriate item from the drop-down list. Once you have entered all the necessary information, click on 'Save & Close.' **The following blogs can help you:[ How to Resolve QuickBooks Error 12152**](https://asquarecloudhosting.com/update-quickbooks-company-file/) ### Print Checks in QuickBooks Desktop Follow the process below in two simple steps to print the checks accurately in the QuickBooks Desktop. **Step 1: In the Write Checks Window** Go to the 'Write Checks' window and click on the Print icon, then choose between two options: Cheque: This option is for printing a single check. If you select this option, then you will be prompted to enter a Printed Check Number. Batch: This option is for printing multiple checks that were marked for Print Later. If you select this option, then you'll be taken to the 'Select Checks to Print' window, where you can choose the checks you want to print by putting checkmarks. Now, select 'OK.' **Step 2: In the Print Checks Window** Select the Printer name and Printer type carefully from the options available. Within the 'Check Style' section, choose whether you want to print the check as a Voucher, Standard, or Wallet style. If the company name and address are already present on the pre-printed checks, then uncheck the 'Print company name and address' checkbox. Verify that all other settings are accurate before printing. After reviewing all the settings and options, select the 'Print' option to print the checks. **Read More: [How To Update QuickBooks Company File (2024 New Version)**](https://asquarecloudhosting.com/update-quickbooks-company-file/) Printing checks in QuickBooks is a simple but vital process. We hope we have cleared all your confusion about how to print check in QuickBooks Desktop and that you can now successfully do it. In case you require any additional help from our side, dial [+18557380359](tel:+1.855.738.0359) and contact our QuickBooks experts.