# How to Find My TCF Routing Number? ![](https://i.imgur.com/ZDIExxF.jpg) The Tcf American National Bank has many branches and is one of the best banks known for tcf digital banking and for making easy and smooth transactions with tcf bank online. **Tcf digital banking** can be operated on the website as well as on the Tcf Bank App, which can be easily downloaded from the Apple store or Google store. The Tcf Bank app can be operated on any device and it is also easy to use to avail benefits of tcf bank online.  On tcf digital banking platform, customers can deposit checks, amount, can make online payments, can create funds, and invest, etc. Users can easily find their tcf routing number for tcf bank online by looking at the bottom left corner of the tcf bank check. The **[tcf routing number](https://www.accountiod.com/tcf-online-banking/) ](https://)** would be located beside their tcf account number. The tcf routing numbers are nine-digit security codes that banks use to identify the customers' transactions made during wire transfers. Each state has its routing number. The most common routing number is 291070001. Some of the tcf routing number for tcf digital banking and operating **tcf bank online** are: State Routing Number Arizona 122106183 Colorado 107006444 Illinois 271972572 Indiana 271972572 Michigan 272471548 Minnesota 291070001 Wisconsin 275071385 South Dakota 291070001 And many more routing numbers are also there. The tcf bank online doesn't support the SWIFT code, which lets customers share or transfer funds from one bank to another internationally. But **tcf bank online** users can receive international transactions through tcf digital banking features. Source: https://www.accountiod.com/