# Delphi Project - ErgoHack III Submission This ErgoHack was an opportunity for us to kick start the project and, while far from finished - let alone usable - we are glad to see it taking shape and intend to keep building. Future progress will be shared in the weekly dev chats. The project revolves around four components that, once brought together, should provide a comprehensive toolset for any willing individual to discover, inspect and get involved with oracle pools on Ergo, as described in our [technical proposal](https://github.com/abchrisxyz/OraclePoolHub/blob/main/ErgoHack%20III/Delphi%20Project%20-%20Technical%20Proposal.md). An overview of what was achieved during the last few days is given below. ### Oracle-Core connector builder @Balb started making the oracle-core connector configurable such that, given a url and a conversion factor, the generation of connector binaries can be automated. This is one thing aspiring oracle operators won't have to worry about in the future. Balb got side-tracked when realizing the ergo-dns team was working on something dear to his heart and he's made great contributions to the ergo-dns project. His work on the connector can be found at https://github.com/thedelphiproject/connector-builder. ### Frontend We were hoping to onboard a frontend dev but in the end it was @abchris - despite his allergy to css - who had to make a start working on https://delphiproject.org. Hopefully this gives a decent idea of where the project is heading. It supports the Nautilus wallet (thanks @capt_nemo and @anon_real for pointing us in the right direction) and the plan is to support alternatives as well, including Ergo pay and, potentially, Urbit Visor as one of the optional oracle authentication methods. A huge thank you to @Fuzy for his graphical contributions. Unfortunately our frontend skills we're not up to par. Frontend source: https://github.com/thedelphiproject/website. ### Stats backend @error and @curbsideprophet have been digging deep into the chain to extract valuable insights around existing V1 pools. This will prove extremely valuable in the future to inspect and audit pools (including V2 pools). One thing the team realised is that current reporting tools rely on data exposed by oracle operators themselves, through the oracle-core connector api. Malicious actors could report biased metrics, such as number of total oracles, instilling a false sense of trust/security. On-chain stats prevent this. Their work can be found at https://github.com/thedelphiproject/ergo-oracle-stats-backend. @error also made a start exposing the data through an api (see the `backend` branch). ### Oracle-Pool JS library The last component, a standalone library wasm/js to perform pool launching actions (token distribution, bootstrapping) has not been started yet. It'll be the final piece of the puzzle once the other elements are in place (register of oracles, stats dashboard, connector generation and installers). Future work will end up at https://github.com/thedelphiproject/ergo-oracle-tools-js. We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in such an event and would like to underline the camaraderie floating around the chat-rooms as well as the willingness of all mentors, participants and enthousiastic lurkers to help wherever they could. Ergonautically yours, The Delphi Project Team