# Goonstation Split-Code Initiative For many years, the Goonstation codebase has been developed privately by selected staff members. There are several compelling reasons for maintaining an private codebase. For example, it’s our view that the nature of some game mechanics warrant some secrecy, without which there is little sense of mystery or discovery. In addition, if our codebase were public, /tg/station would just steal all of our cool features like chemistry and chat stacking. However, with two leaks and subsequent official releases, we began to question our past motivations and we asked ourselves: "What's the point in keeping our codebase closed source anymore?" Well, the most convincing answer we could come up with is keeping our secret content secret. Some content is better when discovered through dives in deep space rather than dives through GitHub. Certainly, we wish to preserve the sense of pride and accomplishment that accompanies *finally* figuring out the Good Ending. But *what if I told you* that we could have our lightly-fried Shitty Bill's spleen meat cake and eat it too? A codebase open to the public for contributing, but also having secrets such as chem recipes hidden. Well, long story short, it's possible and we did it. <sub><sup>Also, poo is in the game again.</sup></sub> Starting today, Goonstation's public codebase will be located at https://github.com/goonstation/goonstation. Any member of the community will be able to make pull requests, which will be reviewed and potentially accepted. No more strange patch compare stuff! The (small) secret portion of the codebase will continue to be developed internally, and the game server will run a combination of the two thanks to git's submodule feature. Space Station 13 has been a labor of love to many of us for years; for some more than a decade. However, now is the time to open up contributions to all, and to ease the process of development for everyone. Let's all make a fun game about space. \-The Goonstation Team ![](https://i.imgur.com/mvQFRZm.png)