# Day 19: Recap Google Cloud Platform ## Review Day [11,12,13,14,15] | Day# | Title | Status | | ----- |:-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------:| ------ | | Day11 | [QwikLabs](https://ithelp.ithome.com.tw/articles/10272828) | little update | | Day12 | [ML APIs on Google Cloud](https://ithelp.ithome.com.tw/articles/10273209) | A-ok | | Day13 | [Monitor and Log with Google Cloud Operations Suite: Challenge Lab](https://ithelp.ithome.com.tw/articles/10274237) | Enhance... | | Day14 | [Draft](https://ithelp.ithome.com.tw/articles/10274917) | big update | | Day15 | [GCP-Storage](https://ithelp.ithome.com.tw/articles/10275355) | A-ok | ## Update Day 11&14 ... **Day 11**-QwikLabs 曾提到的`issue`解決啦! 只是沒有立即在隔天Update QQ 趁著Recap Day來分享個 XD :::warning 在QwikLabs中,右下有Chat可立即與QwikLabs support反應。 一開始我是Contact support@qwiklabs.com,但依照support給的指示,還是沒有get 活動給的credits,後來直接在QwikLabs的Chat中再次反應,記得用日文或英文,如果是中文的話QwikLabs無法處理! 釐清是參加哪個活動後,描述遇到的問題後... QwikLabs 給了一串操作: ::: :::success We request you to sign out of the Qwiklabs account and follow these steps. Also use your unique access code properly. Here are the redemption steps for the 30 days of Google Cloud program: 1. Open the incognito window on your browser. (CTRL/CMD+SHIFT+N). 2. Go to this link (https://google.qwiklabs.com/catalog?keywords=GSP282&event=Your) and put this unique access code:EDUCR-30-DAYS-IN::XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX in the popup asking for access code. 3. Now, sign in to your Qwiklabs account. 4. Now, if you click the profile icon on the top right corner, you can see now that you have 9 credits to get started. 5. Once you have the 9 credits, click on the Enroll on this on-demand quest, click on the "A Tour of Qwiklabs and Google Cloud" and then click on the green "Start Lab". 6. Now follow the steps given in the lab & complete it. (Spend at least 5 minutes in the lab) Once you finish this lab, click on the "End Lab" button, you will automatically get a one month free pass credited to your account. 7. Bonus - To get your second free month pass for Qwiklabs, complete any one of the Quests featured in the Program Syllabus and earn the badge. 8. To check for the subscription you have received, please visit this link (https://google.qwiklabs.com/my_account/credits) . ::: :::info 關鍵在於登出Google Account,並用無痕開網頁, 用初始的 9 credits 完成一Lab(Start Lab && End Lab), 則可以得到Monthly Subscription。 ::: **Day 14**-Draft **題外話:** 9/29 是工作的最後一天(歡呼),處理交接以及辦公室收拾,所以比較忙, 且沒有備料,所以就拿出之前已寫好的GCP ML+Storage+Monitor的Draft。 **概述:** 這份Draft是為了寫ML,Storage,Monitor各一份公雲指引(Use case),也就是教還不知道GCP的夥伴,看著說明可以順利完成或了解公雲的操作。 **Update:** 1. ML - **參考**`iKala Cloud 部落格`: [Google 機器學習三大服務:AutoML, Cloud ML Engine, ML API 介紹與比較](https://ikala.cloud/google-cloud-automl-ml-engine-ml-api/) - 刪除重複的部分,重新排版 - [Recommend Service( AI / Machine Learning )](https://hackmd.io/OnGrF-mrR1-yrWwpvvqBDA?view#Recommend-Service-AI--Machine-Learning-) 2. Storage - 重新整理/排版 - [Storage(冷資料/熱資料)](https://hackmd.io/OnGrF-mrR1-yrWwpvvqBDA?view#Storage-%E5%86%B7%E8%B3%87%E6%96%99%E7%86%B1%E8%B3%87%E6%96%99) 4. Monitor - 排版 - [Monitor / Alert( 如何監控服務 / 如何發送告警訊息 )](https://hackmd.io/OnGrF-mrR1-yrWwpvvqBDA?view#Monitor--Alert-%E5%A6%82%E4%BD%95%E7%9B%A3%E6%8E%A7%E6%9C%8D%E5%8B%99--%E5%A6%82%E4%BD%95%E7%99%BC%E9%80%81%E5%91%8A%E8%AD%A6%E8%A8%8A%E6%81%AF-) - 完整更新: - https://hackmd.io/@TelecomTech/rk3utIDgY - https://ithelp.ithome.com.tw/articles/10274917 ## Enhance Day 13 ! - **Day13** - Monitor and Log with Google Cloud Operations Suite: Challenge Lab - [Dropbox-GCP monitor.pdf](https://www.dropbox.com/s/30w7qn0z7hma65i/GCP-Monitor.pdf?dl=0)