# TPAC 2023: WebAgents CG F2F Kick-Off Meeting ## Proposed Agenda - Welcome, Motivation, and Objectives - Presentations of Position Statements - Wrap-up & Next Steps ## Participants - Martin Alvarez - Samuele Burattini (online) - Jean-Paul Calbimonte (online) - Andrei Ciortea (in person) - Rem Collier (in person) - Stephen Cranefield (online) - Nicoletta Fornara (online) - Fabien Gandon (in person) - Christian Glomb - Chunming Hu - Ege Korkan (in person) - Jérémy Lemée (online) - Simon Mayer (online) - Julian Padget (online) - Terry Payne (online) - Alessandro Ricci (online) - Soheil Roshankish (online) - Wout Slabbinck (online) - Alexandru Sorici (online) - Valentina Tamma (online) - Danai Vachtsevanou (online) - Antoine Zimmermann (online) - ... **Scribe:** (collaborative notes) ## Meeting Notes ### Welcome, Motivation, and Objectives [Link to slides](https://github.com/w3c-cg/webagents/blob/main/Meetings/2023-09-11-TPAC/Presentations/TPAC2023-WebAgents-f2f-intro.pdf) ### Position Statements The position statements are [available on GitHub](https://github.com/w3c-cg/webagents/tree/main/Meetings/2023-09-11-TPAC/Statements). The slide deck for position statements (4-min presentations) is [available on GitHub](https://github.com/w3c-cg/webagents/blob/main/Meetings/2023-09-11-TPAC/Presentations/TPAC2023-WebAgents-position-statements.pdf). During this session, the authors of position statements and CG participants used a collaborative concept board to collect keywords and topics of interest — to create a blueprint of the scope of the WebAgents CG: https://jamboard.google.com/d/11hKXLsNIYD1ftfgMcsMp_-KlXXldjd5m0csKe-p2ro0/edit?usp=sharing