# CSCI 1951T In-Class Activity > Estimated time: 30 Minutes ## Engage VR ### Step 1: Setup Please download the ENGAGE app by Meta from the Oculus Quest store. ### Step 2: Join the room (1 minute) Wait for Lexi to give out a room code, then click "join room" and enter the code. ### Step 3: Get to Know the Data Very regrettably, while ENGAGE (allegedly) has the capability to load in user-side models, that requires the premium paid version of the app. So, in lieu of our own data, I've set out some "example" models of scientific data provided Meta. :::info :pushpin: There are 8 different models to look at: 1. Covid-19 Spike Protein 2. Human Skeleton 3. Brain 4. Particles 5. Mirmur Vase Scan 6. Greek Pillar 7. DNA 8. Peacock Bass ::: --- ### Using Tools for Understanding (6-8 minutes) Pick four models and use a different tool, provided by ENGAGE, to document/observe/understand each one. Spend no more than 2 minutes on each model+tool pair. There are lots of tools in ENGAGE, probably some that I don't even know of, but the easiest way to access some of the great tools provided is to rotate your left wrist towards your face, as though looking at a watch. A new tablet screen will appear, giving you access to the 3D Pen, Sticky Note, and Screen tools. *Please screenshot at least one of your creations/use of tool. Make sure to keep track of your observations as you go and fill out the google form at the end. :::info :bulb: **Examples (You may use these):** Using the 3D Pen Tool to draw arrows showing the motion of the particles. Sketching musculature onto the Skeleton model with the 3D pen tool. Documenting observations on the historical artifacts with the sticky note tool. Using the whiteboard in any way. Pulling up your own (related!) research using the screen tool. ::: ### Step 5: Back to Reality (3 minutes) Search your four chosen models on your computer and find images of them on google. What do you notice about the viewing experience? Could you analyze the data in the same way you did in ENGAGE? *Keep track of your observations for the google form. ### Step 6: Share! (5 minutes) Find the closest person/people to you and form groups of two or three. Share the work you did using one of the tools you used to understand one of the models, with your partner(s) and discuss whether it helped your understanding. ### Step 5: Evaluation Please complete [This Form](https://forms.gle/2QDMretwHwJrBqHE8) when you are done. = Hope you had fun!