# Gather.Town space for collaboration Click [here](https://hackmd.io/@SIRF-CIL-Fully3D/r1AxJKNou) to return to the main note. ## Why? To collaborate on notebooks, help each other and to socialize, we offer [this gather.town space](https://gather.town/app/PWYSLefdbelWk5QT/Fully3D_2021) for all attendees. (It will be used for the Fully3D poster sessions as well as you will notice). The password will be sent to you via email on Fr 02 Jul. ## How does it work? We will demonstrate this functionality in the live session on Friday 2nd of July. You can also check the [Gather.Town website for a demo and some tutorials](https://gather.town/), or the first minute of the [Video tutorial for the Fully3D poster session](https://youtu.be/fDiQQtzQSco). If you are on a Mac, it will not work well with Safari - please use Chrome or Firefox, or the GatherTown app. Note it does not work on mobile devices. We have labelled "tables" with a few topics where you could gather if there too many people. Please note that although instructors might show up, we do not intend to use this space for support by the instructors. We have the Zoom sessions for that! ## When to use it? The space will remain open 24/7 until the end of the last day of the school. You are free to self-organise of course. To facilitate collaboration and virtual meetings, we suggest the following time-slots (UK BST time) where you could show up and see if others are there. Obviously you can stay as long as you want. - 9:00-9:15 every week-day morning - 14:00-14:15 every Tuesday and Thursday - social gathering every Friday after the Live session (especially the last one!). In addition, feel free to add a note below when you'd like to meet and your topic(s) of interest. ### Noticeboard: anyone interested in talking about ...? (Unfortunately, you might not want to put your normal email address here as this site is open). ### Q: The link to the GatherTown posted above says "This Space Invitation has Expired" when I click on it. Could you kindly let me know which link to use? Thanks for the notification! The link was updated and should work again. Can you give it a try? Thanks, it works now!