# Classification and Types of Machine Tools # A machine tool is a device used to make or shape metal or other material pieces. It is also known as a working machine or tool machine. Drilling apparatus, lathes, shapers and planers, milling apparatus, power saws, and grinders are a few examples of machine tools that manufacture parts by removing metal chips from a workpiece. Punch presses are used for cold shaping metal components like kitchenware, car bodywork, and other similar goods, whereas forging presses are used for hot forming white-hot blanks into precisely shaped dies. According to a research report by Astute Analytica, the Global [**Machine Tool Market**](http://www.astuteanalytica.com/industry-report/machine-tools-market) growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 4.7% over the projection period from 2023 to 2031. **Machine Tool Parts** The machine tool is made up of various distinct parts, each of which serves a specific purpose. The base or bed, worktable, headstock, machine column, machine tool, saddle, foundation or channel, etc. are some examples of these parts. **Base or Bed:** It serves as a base or bed for supporting other components. The moving plate, head block, compound knife block, tailstock, and other components on the bed are supported by the base. **Worktable:** The workpiece is supported by the worktable. It is an adjustable bed with a horizontally movable saddle. **Machine Column:** To enhance the structure of huge machines, bones are inserted into the machine column. Its purpose is to guide the head base. **Headstock:** The machine’s headstock can rotate the workpiece or move and provide the cutting tool. **Machine Tools Types** The name of the machine tool is based on the combined unit’s construction. Lathes, horizontal boring mills, sharpeners and planers, milling machines, vertical lathes, cylindrical grinders, floor-type milling & boring mills, multi-spindle drilling mills, bench drilling mills, moving crossbeam machining centers, etc. are types of machine tools. Click Here To Know More About [**Machine Tools Market**](http://www.astuteanalytica.com/request-sample/machine-tools-market) **Machine tool production capability-based classifications** **Production Machine Tools:** It is utilized for manufacturing and is marginally more productive than general-purpose machine tools. **Single Purpose Machine Tool:** They are utilized in extremely automated production processes with high production rates. They are not very adaptable. **General Purpose Machine Tools:** They are practically applicable to any application, but their production speed is relatively slow. **Classification based on cutting in machine Tools** **Multiple points cutting Tools:** They have many cutting edges, such as those on drills, milling cutters, hacksaws, and other tools. **Single point cutting tools:** A tool used in turning on a lathe only has one cutting edge. If the user compares it to multi-point cutting tools, the user can see how tough it is to understand. **Original Source:-** [Machine Tools Market](http://marketresearchreports7.wordpress.com/2023/04/21/classification-and-types-of-machine-tools/)