# Why Do They Put Blue Tape on New Windshields? Did you recently get your windshields replaced and are now wondering why they put blue tape on new windshields? The blue tape serves various purposes. It is also referred to as retention tape. It aims to keep the windshield in place until the adhesive dries and secures its position. The adhesive used to attach the windshield requires several hours to be completely dry until it remains soft and can be easily shifted. The blue tape they put on new windshields helps prevent movements until the windshield is correctly attached to its position. Not only this, but it also protects the adhesive from catching dirt, debris, or dust. If the adhesive is compromised, you may face leaks or weak bonds. Blue tape is essential as it helps achieve a proper seal between the windshield and the car frame, which is necessary to protect the car’s interior from air and water. ![Blue Diamond Auto Glassass](https://hackmd.io/_uploads/SkgOQ7s2p.jpg) **The Functions of Blue Tape on New Windshields** **Holding the Windshield in Place:** The experts put blue tape on new windshields to hold the windshield in its place until the adhesive completely dries. The adhesive used to bond the windshield to the car frame requires several hours to cure completely. Until it is completely dry, it remains soft. Hence, the blue tape helps keep the windshield in place. **Preventing Movements Until the Bond is Secure:** Since the adhesive remains soft until completely cured, slight movements can easily shift the windshield if you do not put on blue tape. Therefore, the blue tape is necessary to prevent movements until the bond is secure. Not only this, but the blue tape also serves as a visual reminder not to put pressure on the new windshield. **Preventing Contaminants** The blue tape serves many other purposes as well. It helps prevent the adhesive from catching dirt, dust, or debris. If the adhesive may catch contaminants, you will most likely experience leaks and a weak bond. Therefore, putting on blue tape on new windshields is important to secure a strong bond. **Shaping:** The blue tape helps shape the adhesive, which is crucial for the proper bonding and fitting of the new windshield into the car’s frame. **Protection of Surrounding Areas:** Not only this, but the blue tape also helps protect the surrounding areas of the car, such as the paint and finishing, from potential damage during the installation and curing process. **Protects the Windshield From Sunlight:** The tape acts as a shield, preventing sunlight from negatively impacting the curing process of the adhesive. It is recommended to keep the blue tape on new windshields for the recommended time period to ensure a strong and proper placement and bonding. It is advised to seek professional assistance if you are not sure about it. **[Blue Diamond Auto Glass](https://bluediamondautoglass.com/)** experts can provide you with the best guidance. Not only this, but they also offer expert windshield replacement services at reasonable prices. So, if you are considering getting new windshields, you must consider them. **Conclusion** In conclusion, putting blue tape on new windshields serves multiple crucial functions. It acts as retention tape, ensuring the windshield remains securely in place until the adhesive fully cures. This prevents any potential movements that could compromise the bonding process, protecting against leaks or weak bonds. Moreover, the blue tape safeguards the adhesive from contaminants like dirt and debris, preserving the integrity of the bond. It also aids in shaping the adhesive for proper fitting and prevents damage to surrounding areas during installation. Additionally, the tape shields the curing adhesive from direct sunlight, enhancing its effectiveness. Overall, understanding the significance of blue tape on new windshields highlights its role in ensuring a robust and durable bond between the windshield and the car frame. For expert guidance and windshield replacement services, trusted professionals like Blue Diamond Auto Glass are recommended, offering quality solutions at reasonable prices. **Frequently Asked Questions** **1. What does blue tape on windshield wipers mean?** The blue tape on the windshield wipers means the windshield has been replaced recently. It secures the wipers during installation and ensures they stay in place until the adhesive sets. **2. Should I tape my windshield?** Taping your windshield is generally only recommended if you're performing specific tasks like painting or repairing the glass. In most cases, using tape on your windshield could leave residue or damage the surface. **3. Can you use blue tape on cars?** Yes, blue tape can be used on cars for various purposes, such as masking off areas during painting or detailing. It's designed to be gentle on surfaces and easy to remove without leaving residue.