# NTP update (July 2022) In July we performed final testing and processed findings of the security audit. We have tagged a [0.1.0 release](https://github.com/memorysafety/ntpd-rs/releases/tag/v0.1.0) as the final artifact of this phase of development 🚀. ### Security audit [Findings of the security audit](https://github.com/memorysafety/ntpd-rs/milestone/4?closed=1) have been addressed. This work included fixing a [bug](https://github.com/memorysafety/ntpd-rs/issues/192), clarifying documentation, and generally some changes to make the program more robust. ### Send software timestamps We have a working version of software timestamps. These are more precise than querying the system time in the program. Figuring this out was rather tricky, so we made a small runnable example https://github.com/tweedegolf/rust-software-timestamps. Because this change has not been tested over a longer period, it is not yet part of the 0.1.0 release. ### Tests **Two-week test** We have run a 2-week test of ntpd-rs, with servers connected over the internet. No warnings, errors or clock steps other than at startup were observed. Using pulse per second signals, the system clock was compared to a reference clock synchronized to gps. Within measurement error, we know the system clock was kept within 0.1 seconds of gps time. This assurance is limited by measurement error due to intermittent availability of the gps antenna. **Synchronization precision test:** We let ntpd-rs synchronize the system clock to a local ntp server. Time difference to the server was measured using pulse-per-second signals. We observed synchronization stayed within 100 microseconds over a time period of about 2 hours. **Step back across epoch change:** System time was changed to 1 jan 2038 12:00:00. Then, ntpd-rs was started. It was observed that ntpd-rs correctly changed back the time to present. **Step forward across epoch change:** NTP server was setup with time set to 1 jan 2038 12:00:00. Then ntpd-rs was started on a computer with system time in 2022, and pointed towards test server. It was observed that ntpd-rs correctly changed the time to 1 jan 2038. # Planned work The next phase, the NTP server, will start in August.