# Chakra Token ## What exactly is the $CHAKRA token? The $CHAKRA token represents a weighted basket of all the incubated project tokens deposited in a tokenized pool. It will be tradable in secondary markets, and its value would be exposed to the value of each token deposited in the tokenized pool. ## Which are the tokenomics of $CHAKRA? The total supply of $CHAKRA is 100,000,000. It will be minted in full but locked in several smart contracts.These tokens are divided in 3 portions: * Inflation 80% - 80,000,000 $CHAKRA * Airdrop for OGs 10% - 10,000,000 $CHAKRA * Incentives 10% - 10,000,000 $CHAKRA ## What is this tokenized liquidity pool? This is a pool funded with project tokens that are accelerated/incubated by OccamFi or do an IDO on OccamRazer. The pool would be collectively owned by the Occam DAO community through the $CHAKRA token and serve as a reserve of project tokens incubated by Occam or launched on OccamRazer. ## Which projects will be the ones deposited in the tokenized pool? All incubated projects will be required to contribute to the pool. Some out of those that only hold an IDO on our platform will contribute, and some of the projects joining Occam DAO as a Guild will also contribute to the pool as well. ## What about CED rewards? We realized that there is no need to physically obtain each project token to get exposure to them, hence the Occam $CHAKRA token would aim to replace CED rewards and provide more value to users of the platform since they don't need now to be performing claims for each project tokens and being selling them on individual secondary markets. ## How users will get $CHAKRA tokens? Just by staking $OCC users will be farming $CHAKRA passively and can claim them using a dedicated minting function, we intend to use a double quadratic function where: * Smaller stakers receive higher APR (while it will always remain lower in absolute terms than that of larger stakers), * Early community members to receive a larger share of $CHAKRA tokens (think Bitcoin halvings) The more $OCC tokens you stake, the more $CHAKRA tokens you can farm as the farming function compares your $OCC stake relative to the $OCC staked by other users and the amount of Chakra tokens due for distribution based on the emission rate. At the same time, a smaller $OCC stake earns higher APR.The distribution it is designed to be very inclusive since anyone staking $OCC will farm some amount of $CHAKRA every block ## How can users get a share of the tokenized $CHAKRA pool? Users will be able to burn $CHAKRA in return for a pro-rata share of the tokens sitting at the $CHAKRA Pool. The percentage of project tokens the user will receive equals the percentage of $CHAKRA they are burning, relative to the circulating supply of $CHAKRA. ### Finally, if you need more detailed info regarding Occam Chakra Token, please visit this [link](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1X11tSn1TPNHifdLbpxbTt-RDWUqncjgT/view)