# OSHK Meeting (Mar 2022) ###### tags: `meeting` ## Open Source HK Meeting (Mar 2022) Date time : 9:00 pm on 8 Mar 2022, Tuesday Please add your topic, name, language if you would like to give a lightning talk (5 mins). Please specify the length if you would like to give a short talks (10-15 mins). Talks will be recorded & streaming to the public on OSHK channel. :smile_cat: 1. Welcome & Open Source Updates *(Calvin Tsang) (Cantonese) (10 mins)* 2. Kafka 101 + Developing Event Streaming Applications with Serverless Kafka *(Kafka Community)(English presentation w/ EN|Cantonese QA)(30 mins)* 3. Hong Kong Address Standardization Library (Howa Wong) 4. 每月開源香港聚會透過短講同閒聊,分享同討論開源科技發展。上半場會錄影同直播,下半場只限Zoom內自由討論。歡迎以廣東話、英語、國語發言。 The monthly Open Source HK Meeting includes short talks and chit-chat, to share & discuss the open source technology development. The 1st half will be recorded and streamed, and the 2nd half will be limited to discussion in Zoom only. Cantonese, English, Mandarin are welcome. Meetup: https://www.meetup.com/opensourcehk/events/283798966 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/678845859970455 --- Notes: #### Abstract of topics ##### Kafka 101 + Developing Event Streaming Applications with Serverless Kafka Apache Kafka® is a well-known technology and has been widely deployed in the on-premises environments, we see the trend that is gradually being adopted in the cloud. However, because it has persistent capabilities (just like databases), architectures built around serverless are complicated. Developers interested in serverless could leverage Apache Kafka® without the hassle of setting up or maintaining complex infrastructure but to focus on building real-time use cases without giving up on the pay-as-you-go and scale-as-much-as-you-need principles. We will show you how easy is it to build clickstream analysis with a demo. Slide : https://drive.google.com/file/d/13Bwd6A1jjPiZmoYBw0Sf6_ElWmlv9qum/view?usp=sharing --- Hong Kong Address Standardization Library https://github.com/howawong/py-hongkong-address-standardizer #### Abstract of the topics Just have a casual sharing of one of my recent projects. It is to standardize a given Hong Kong english address.