Previously on... ## Prologue Natural sub-space fold The CPU power to route calls shouldn't matter to a subspace computation, but it was silly This might be the first time that Pike isn't the hero we want? Just say what you mean buddy! Jim Kirk beams on board the Enterprise La'an walking the wrong way is good comedy Chapel stresses over news. Ortegas is the best supporter, and Ortegas/M'benga comedy is the best comedy. Spock's Communication failures is a good cross-fade Why is Uhura explaining engineering to the chief engineer? Spock I love when you're excited to try a science. This is slightly more of an SNW spock thing than later spocks we see. ## Status Report 7:15 Apologies, the most confounding thing, i appear to be singing most unusual, so pecular M'benga hand gesture Love that Pike's *motions* aren't locked into the musical even though his *words* are. Best song of the ep ## Opening Credits 10:00 Wish they'd gone full-vocals, instead of having any instruments at all (eg: Pentatonix). No asteroids on the shields! ## Back From Credits We've replaced Doctor Who with Hitchhiker's Guide. Kirk tells Spock "I almost understood that". Kirk gets into the tubes, love how he slides out ## Connect To Your Truth 15:00 (ish?) Eh. I don't like these "not quite rhyme" rules. I guess that's a normal thing sometimes but I still don't like it. ## How Would That Feel 16:50 La'an's quarters are huge. So are Ortegas (from the memory ep). Everyone's got huge rooms, you can barely get hotel rooms this huge. This is the first song where I really started to feel the lack of coreography. There's like nothing going on visually during a lot of these songs. Christina Chong is genuinely a singer of her own, like she has her own songs on spotify and soundcloud and stuff. Wow this song just goes on and on with nothing happening. --- La'an tells Kirk that emotions are a security threat They've got a plan to fix the plot, except there's too many minutes left in the show so we know it won't work. Jim Kirk has a HUGE activation switch and it's amazing. Love the musical BWAAAAAM beam. ## Private Conversation 23:00 Ortegas has the best face when the song starts. "Marie" Batel. Good singing on this. Love that there's back and forth, and a little camera stuff even. Pike drops to his knees for drama, amazing. La'an turns off the conversation, which Uhura could have done at *any time* and just didn't. --- Didn't get to hear Admiral April's singing, robbed. "Rules of Musicals". Pike: I think we should blow it up. Kirk flirts and Una gives him a wing-woman. "space-time security risk" Una: *eyes emoji* ## Keeping Secrets 27:30 Una can escape the song long enough to grab her padd. But again there's like... nothing for visuals on this song. Gravity effect doesn't really vibe for me. Literally La'an just silently endures the entire song with no reply lines at all. --- This version of Jim is actually very good at trying to stay in guest mode, more than I'd expect from a Jim Kirk. "Lieutenant, uhm, ...Jim" "Kerosine" of all things. "Klingon Encryption" on a warp signature? Bruce Horak (Hemmer) is the Klingon (Garkog) Tactical Strategy to overcome the klingon ship sounds dodgy. Pike: "different tempo" Spock :( ## I'm Ready 35:00 CHAPEL BROKE UP WITH SPOCK VIA MUSICAL NUMBER. This puts a whole new spin on when Chapel tries to go after Spock in TOS and he's like "Oh I could never return your feelings". He could return *someone's* feelings, just not hers, damn. OOC, Jess Bush sounds super good. Second best song. --- La'an just admits it all to Jim Hey La'an just date a hekkin Andorian or something. Or like just some himbo that hasn't read a history book. Come on you can do this. "Am I anything like the other me?" swoon city "Oh, uhm... wow" Uhura talks to Spock, she can hear the music before the song starts, love this wall-break stuff. ## I'm the X 43:20 (ish?) Spock :( PS: the line used to be "I'm The Twitter" until Musk's lawyers stepped in. This solo song has a little higher tempo/energy, but still. Same "no visuals" problem. ## Keep Us Connected 45:45 Another solo, but this time Uhura finally does almost-a-dance. At least there's more camera cuts/movement. Main Engineering has damn good acoustics though. Use those AR math thingies sooner come on. --- Improbability Love that improbability is measured in electrovolts. "A song cannot be triggered without an emotional purpose." Uhura there's 200 people on the ship and you've all lived together for a year I'm sure you all know each other. ## We Are One 53:20 HOLY CRAPPITY WE'VE FOUND ALL THE CHOREOGRAPHY Love Uhura's curtsey. Klingon Song: In the abstract i like the sound of the Klingon part, but in the larger context i don't like it. * Why are the klingons resisting their song part so hard? Klingons love to sing! * Why are they a different musical genre that Pike scoffs at? * I wish we'd had DS9/VOY klingons here instead of TNG/DIS Klingons here. Ship-dance! --- TOS tunes! ## Subspace Rhapsody End Credit Medley ??:??