# How to write a systematic literature review for your research paper Research is a mandatory part of almost all academic work. But if you have a paper to write, then you must be extra careful and cautious. Such papers contribute a great deal towards the final grade and could help you achieve the desired appraisal. There are different methodologies that you can adapt to this. Choosing the right methodology is the key. You want to make the research paper very compelling. One method that is adapted is a systematic literature review (SLR). You might be accustomed to regular literature reviews but systematic demands more attention to detail. So, if you plan on pursuing it, here is how you do it. * First and foremost, you must decide on the research questions, topics, and problem statement for the research. Your topic must be broad enough to let you choose enough relevant sources but not broad enough that it leads to information overload. * Once the topic has been selected, you can define the problem statement as well as the research questions. These capture the essence of the paper and highlight what you shall be researching. * Once the steps are done, you need to select criteria to choose the sources for the SLR. It allows you to gather relevant sources from various locations and remove anyone that falls in the grey area. It leads to transparency in source hunting. If you need help with the phase, then a [college essay writing service](https://www.essaywriter.college/) has the experts. They can guide you on how to structure your research. * The next step is to choose the papers based on the selection criteria that have been defined previously. [write my paper](https://www.collegeessay.org/) service provider must go to different libraries to form a repository of resources.  * Extract the data that you want to be included in the final paper. This is probably one of the most essential steps as it allows you to highlight the main crux of each of the studies. The data collected must adhere to the topic of research that you have selected and must be in line with the requirements.  * You can identify any risk of bias that is involved. Reducing bias is necessary for maintaining an optimal level of research. Bias can lead to misinterpretation of results and can be a huge drawback to the study being conducted. * Finally, you are ready to present the findings in a methodological way. You need to highlight the methodology adopted, selection criteria, and various details about the systematic review. Once these have been provided, you can establish the results that have been generated through the research.  * The paper should end with a particular conclusion. The conclusion should be meaningful and identify the need for the research that has been conducted. It can also help other researchers to build on what you have done to define more studies. An [essay writer](http://www.essaywriternow.com/) can guide you on how to finish the paper. Just tell them the details. There you have all the details that [write my essay for me](https://www.writemyessayfast.net/) service providers need to know to begin your SLR. One thing that you might want to note is that prior to the actual research you must perform a simple literature review as well. This is important because you want to find unique ideas with regard to your topic of interest. The subject could be very vast but you have to choose something meaningful to explore.  A research-based paper has to be completed with precision and all elements should be supportive of one another. The thesis statement is the main driver of the paper that you need to follow and link to every detail in the paper. It gives you a proper direction to explore the various components and find results to the research questions that have been defined. Once you are satisfied with the output, proofread it and check for clarity of content with regard to the readers. **Useful Resources:** [Writing for press releases for starting new things - 5 fundamental guidelines](https://git.forum.ircam.fr/-/snippets/2782) [Brilliantly made press releases for your company announcements](https://app.roll20.net/users/11200485/felisha-hicks) [5 essay sentence-structure bungles that annoy teachers](https://ticketbud.com/events/6af83298-4ed5-11ed-9894-42010a71701e) [Proficient writing services give the best essay help: 10 justifications for why](https://pdfhost.io/v/fTdMEoFGZ_Proficient_writing_services_give_the_best_essay_help) [40 unconstrained speech ideas that you won't get stuck with](https://start.me/p/5v759n/40-unconstrained-speech-ideas-that-you-wont-get)