# Hack The Rainbow :rainbow: ## Name of Project* Intoo TV ## Product ### In a Nutshell: Intoo TV is a p2p live-streaming platform to design, share and monetize real-life experiences. ### Inspiration Whether on a personal or on a professional level - social interaction has been the most damaged by COVID global crisis. We may say, we have "life before COVID" - and "life after COVID." But what do all the good and bad COVID-stories have in common? Experience. A deeper human connection. Sharing. And either in the good or the hard times, people always find a way to do just that. *That's what Intoo* *TV is about: **experience, on demand***. ### A couple of Use-cases: 1. GENERAL: many people (for life or health-conditions) cannot travel the places that they like, and/or experience/learn/see something they would like to. 2. CANCELED EVENTS: Because of public health measures - performers, artists, Influencers, travelers, ..., had to cancel their tours and change their plans. These categories need a budget to keep sharing and producing great content, and their content has never been as valuable as it is during this global crisis. Surely for entertainment, but especially to keep and establish a genuine human bond, a connection. ### Solutions & Steps: 1. GUESTS: Intoo TV makes it easy for everyone to "design" an experience they want to live in first person, setting up duration, location, and budget for it (paying in Fiat, or with Ether). Making them "guests" of someone else's real-life, unfiltered experience for a while. 2. HOSTS: Performers, creators, artists, or just regular people can "browse" the open experiences, and "match" with them in a Tinder-like fashion, based on their interests and their skills. Making them "hosts" of others, who cannot live that experience in first person. 3. DATE & TICKETS: After the two parties agree on a time and date for the experience to happen, Guest & Host will receive an NFT-ticket with a unique QR-Code (generated through Chainlink's VRF) to join the event as a real-time broadcast for the date and duration agreed. 4. REWARD: After the live-streaming event, the broadcaster will receive the reward/budget set - and will be able to withdraw it in Fiat (on Paypal), or Crypto (in NEP21, using the Bridge)! ### Values & USPs: 1. STRICTLY ONE-TO-ONE BROADCAST: an unfiltered, real-life experience, from a person to the other. 2. ENTIRELY CUSTOMIZABLE LIVE-EXPERIENCE: the experience you want, anywhere in the world - with the duration, description, and budget you want. Realized specifically for you, in real-time. 3. EASY, AND FUN NFT GENERATION: just like selecting the ingredients to create your own Pizza at Domino! Intoo TV lets you be anywhere, at any time. Visit the world, through someone else's eyes. ## ETH<>NEAR Bridge We use the ETH<>NEAR bridge as a "payment/withdrawal gateway" Basically - we have our NFT-721 classes for the event (live-streaming) and event tickets (host:guest pairs), but **we need a gateway for users to pay** for the live-experience they design (Guests), and **to withdraw the rewards** they earned by broadcasting (Hosts) For this financial-only type of transaction, we use a simple "gamification token" (non-cryptographic asset - a "counter" on the DB). And we offer two payment methods: 1. Paypal: Guest-payment --> Intoo Account --> Host-withdrawal 2. Crypto: Guest-Payment in ETH --> Escrow Intoo account --> Host-withdrawal in NEAR This is a way to show a real-world example where the Bridge can be used by (potentially) a large audience - with the strong use-case of making content (livestreaming) creators' payment smoother, faster and cheaper thanks to NEAR. ## Team Alex (@jabyl) - UX/UI, Product, Business, ... - https://www.linkedin.com/in/alessandro-perico/ Naz (@nazariyv) - Smart Contracts + Backend https://www.linkedin.com/in/naz-v-33906544/ https://github.com/nazariyv Ebtesam (ebtesam25) - Frontend + React Native https://www.linkedin.com/in/ebtesam-a-641880127/ https://github.com/ebtesam25 ## Video Demo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sDXObBvYiaw ## GitHub https://github.com/intoo-tv ## Android App https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1iqs40RayDu745FaP-MiL6Fkobo0ZIwd7?usp=sharing