###### tags: `HKOSCon2020Live` "ZFS" - @Philip Paeps (English) == Watch Trouble present a three-day workshop on ZFS in however little time the conference organisers were willing to allocate for it! We'll cover topics from filesystem reliability over snapshots and volume management to future directions in ZFS. ZFS is known as "the last word in filesystems". This workshop will get your hands dirty with installing, configuring and managing reliable and scalable storage systems with ZFS on FreeBSD. We will cover pool-based storage, optimising storage systems for performance and redundancy and practise zero-downtime recovery from common storage events such as failing disks or running out of space. Speaker: Mr. Philip Paeps - FreeBSD Foundation / Belgium ## Live Steam {%youtube ou9IP-1kKLM%} ## Note ZFS is a newer type of file system that works as a self-checking merkel tree, which takes away a lot of the problems that come up with traditional file systems such as NTFS. Techniques that ZFS uses include copy-on-write, which prevents file system corruption in case the write fails hardware through