###### tags: `HKOSCon2020Live` "How to build an online learning platform that engages and educates students at scale with Amazon Kendra, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Translate,and more." - @Cyrus Wong (Cantonese with English interpretation) == **Problem** To be honest, none of the online teaching solution meets the real need of running online lab session. All existing online teaching solutions are just for online meeting or one direction broadcast! Teachers are 100% no way to know your students are really working on their exercise at home or they are just open the online meeting apps, and then doing other stuff! The submission rate of exercise in online class is much higher than face-to-face classes as in general it just needs one student to complete the exercise and share it to the whole class which is much easier so everyone can submit assignment! However, students do not learn anything at all, and the online class is totally useless. On the other hand, most of the students are not willing to ask question during online class. The main difference of online class and face-to-face class is there is lack of interaction. Without classmate or buddy, young students feel boring and alone then they do not join the online class! ** Solution** We develop “All screens” - an AWS Amplify App using most of the Amazon AI services and Amazon Sumerian to address the problem. This project is the extended the concept from our Lab Monitor (AWS Artificial Intelligence (AI) Hackathon 3nd place) This blog post will introduce the features and briefly explain the AWS technologies behind the scene. Speaker: Mr. Cyrus Wong - IVE / Hong Kong, Ng Sin Ching, Mike, Lam Pak Yin, Sam, Law Mei Ching, Pearly * AWS has made the worldwide share on it https://aws.amazon.com/blogs/aws/working-from-home-heres-how-aws-can-help/ * Introduction on TV 電視節目:《創科導航》防出貓學習平台 https://bit.ly/2YiW5CH ## Live Stream {%youtube g6pgpoxSDpc %} ## Note