###### tags: `HKOSCon2020Live` "Democratize Data Literacy with Open-Source Technology" - @Dr. Toa Charm (English) == Data literacy - the ability to read, write and communicate with data becomes a necessary competency for an individual to contribute to the already arrived digital economy. In this opening remarks, Dr. Charm will explore how open-source technology is in the unique position to help the organization, and individual, leap-frogging their data literacy maturity. OpenCertHub is the self-developed intelligent online examination platform with the latest technology in Facial Recognition, Blockchain & Advanced Analytics. Our vision is to democratize data literacy with open source technology to everyone. We are the only authorized organization delivering CDPOS™ professional examination and certification. Speaker: Dr. Toa Charm - Chairman, OpenCertHub / Hong Kong ## Live Stream {%youtube nktYIUF-wHI %} ## Note Digital Econ & Lit. 1. Secret Recipes 2. Talent Strategy 3. Cert & Qual Giant Tech Co. Own huge Physical assets, less data assets -> Own less Physical assets, more data assets Why Platform values? Data. Data is our customer's voice Big Data is not technology, Big Data is a language, we have to talk with data Data Literacy, is the fuel of 4th industrial revolution Success = (IQ+EQ)*DQ ![image alt](https://www.bloomberg.com/graphics/2017-job-risk/img/2017-job-risk_facebook.png) Myth: high paying jobs won't be replaced? 3. Cert & Qual Excel -> BI -> Big Data Tools Open Cert Hub [Brochure PDF](https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VGBVH4OcUsc1YrdKrIfipdgpcDkyoo7y) for your reference.