###### tags: `HKOSCon2020Live` "OAO - User Orientation Cloud Architecture for the Pi" - @Toby Chui (Cantonese with English interpretation) == I will be introducing a new open source project written by myself for 4 years named "Open ArOZ Online" (OAO), which is a light weight user orientated cloud architecture for the Raspberry Pi series. It support IoT functionality, media streaming and more with an easy to use Web Desktop User Interface just like a normal operating system. Expected to be completed and release on Github in late April to early May. This talk will be a quick introduction to such a system, a quick hand-on tutorial and basic introduction on the architecture of the system modular design framework. Speaker: Mr. Toby Chui - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University / Hong Kong ## Live Stream {%youtube 0VbitAZtDBM%} ## English Interpretation {%youtube zm5MPQeojRk%} ## Slides [Open ArOZ Online](https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GSF_EnA2aAYU22GaJpOr_uVXg_Gsm8oC/view) ## Note