###### tags: `HKOSCon2020Live` "Guide to Responsible AI for Developers" - @Verlebie Chan (English) == The beauty of machines and humans working in tandem gets lost in the discussion about whether A.I. is a good thing or a bad thing. However, perhaps the most productive debate we can have isn’t one of good versus evil. The hard question is how we all can build technology designed in a way that augments human ingenuity and capabilities, human-centered and guided by principles that are core to human rights. Here’s the idea of Responsible AI that is proposed by global tech giants including Microsoft. Join this session to know more about AI ethics and how we can use different tools in our next open sources projects to build inclusive technologies. Speaker: Ms. Verlebie Chan - Microsoft / Hong Kong ## Live Stream {%youtube g8F8yfE6vFs %} ## Note 1. Fairness 2. Reliability 3. Privacy & Security 4. Inclusion 5. Transparency 6. Accountability