# Scalp Micropigmentation Touch-Ups: How Frequently You Will Need Them? If you're someone who's undergone scalp micropigmentation (SMP), then you know that the process is not a one-and-done deal. Touch-ups will likely be needed down the road to maintain the look of your new hairline. But how frequently do you need them, and how much does it cost? Most people need at least two scalps micropigmentation touch up after their initial treatment. The first touch-up should occur four to six weeks after your initial session, and the second should occur four to six months after that. Depending on how your scalp responds to the treatment, you may need more or fewer touch-ups down the road. Scalp micropigmentation touch-ups usually cost can vary depending on where you live. However, it's important to remember that touch-ups are essential to keeping your SMP looking its best; if you neglect them, your hairline will start to fade and look patchy. So be sure to budget for touch-ups as part of your overall SMP costs. **Experts mention there are several benefits of the SMP procedure. Here is the list.** **Less Pain** Suppose you're considering getting scalp micropigmentation (SMP) but have been put off by stories of painful treatments. In that case, you'll be relieved to know that the latest generation of Non-Invasive Hair Restoration Treatments are much less painful than they used to be. Thanks to technological advances, the needles used to apply the pigment are much finer than they used to be, so they cause far less discomfort. The pigment is also much more finely milled, so it doesn't sit in large clumps under the skin. It means that the overall treatment is much less abrasive and, as a result, much less painful. So if you've been waiting for a pain-free SMP treatment, then now is the time to book a consultation. **No Downtime** For many people, the thought of undergoing a cosmetic procedure is daunting. In addition to the cost and the risk of complications, there is often a significant amount of downtime involved. However, this [Non Invasive Hair Restoration Treatment](https:/https://discreetcosmeticstudio.com/scalp-micropigmentation-2-2//) requires no downtime. The treatment simply involves injecting pigment into the skin's upper dermis, where it will remain for several years. There is no need for stitches or recovery time, and patients can typically return to normal activities immediately after the procedure. As a result, scalp micropigmentation is an increasingly popular option for those seeking to improve their appearance with minimal disruption to their lives. If you're considering getting SMP, be sure to factor in the cost of touch-ups as part of your overall budget. They're an essential part of maintaining the look of your new hairline; if you neglect them, your results will fade over time.