# POOLHaus - LP DAO Season 1 Recap At the beginning of the POOLhaus experiment, we set out to bootstrap liquidity for the HAUS token while keeping the liquidity position in the hands of our community. A little over 3 months ago we had less than $200k of liquidity and a HAUS price of $8. Our goal was to gather and sustain $500k liquidity in the HAUS-WETH pair. Today, we have nearly **$1MM of liquidity in the HAUS-WETH pool** and HAUS price is ~$18. Along the way, we collectively earned ~$15k in liquidity farm rewards, ~$36k in fees, and are now able to collect our HAUS rewards valued at ~$60k. ## Current Status ### LP Position Pooled WETH: 86.0234 Pooled HAUS: 21,751.8 Pool Share: 88% Fees Earned (cumulative): $36,889 ### Farm Rewards 9.0322 DXD - $6,745 14,894.5384 SWPR - $1,889.55 2 WETH - $9,400 ### Vested HAUS rewards 2,500 HAUS to distribute proportionally to everyone in POOLhaus DAO 825 extra HAUS to distribute proportionally to WETH-only contributors 3,325 HAUS total - $60,000 ### Remaining Funds in Minion 18.81 WETH 3,491.29 HAUS ### Total Shares Shares: 34,000 Loot: 118,081 Total: 152,081 ## Next Steps Over the next few weeks we will wrap up POOLHaus Season 1. Everyone will have an opportunity to collect their fair share of rewards and we would like to hear your feedback on what our next steps should be! First, we must decide what to do with the remaining ETH - because we were so successful with our initial goal of sustaining $500k liquidity, we can now decide if we want to continue to add more liquidity or, alternatively, continue to buy HAUS. **Proposal I: Use the remaining ETH to buy HAUS over the next few weeks.** Next, we need to distribute farming rewards and HAUS rewards. Since the POOLhaus DAO lives on xDai, it should be possible to create a couple transactions to disperse the rewards directly to the member addresses. This is preferable to ragequitting since it will allow members to stay in the DAO if they want to continue on to the next season, rather than having to summon and organize an entirely new LP DAO for Season 2. **Proposal II: Disperse rewards from the minion directly to member addresses.** Lastly, we should give everyone the option to ragequit their share of LP tokens and remaining HAUS from the DAO. This would require moving funds from the minion to the main treasury for a limited time window so that people have the opportunity to exit if that's what they want to do. That said, we have the option to keep going! We can ask for another round of rewards from Uberhaus and take advantage of some of the upcoming HAUS farming and STAKE rewards on Swapr or other dexes on xDai. **Proposal III: Move LP tokens and HAUS to the main treasury for a 1 week period so people can ragequit if they want. People that do not exit will be able to continue in the LP DAO into Season 2 and receive another round of rewards.** ### Final Step - HAUS comes Home Given the success of the POOLhaus liquidity program on xDai and demand from community members, we will be launching a POOLhaus DAO on Ethereum mainnet. All LP DAO members from Season 1 will be automatically allowlisted to participate in the mainnet LP DAO. This will be a great opportunity to support DAOhaus while earning rewards. The current plan will combine two of our most successful HAUS programs: the LP DAO and community coin offering (CCO). More info to come! In the meantime, tell us what you'd like to see - your input would be greatly appreciated.