# GR15 Information and Helpful tips. [toc] ## Round Information **Submissions Due:** Saturday, September 3rd **Round Begins:** Wednesday September 7th **Round Ends:** Thurday, September 22nd **Available matching:** $69,000 in the ENS Ecosystem round. ### Helpful Links ⭐️ **[Steps for Creating a Grant!](https://gitcoin.notion.site/gitcoin/Gitcoin-Grantee-Onboarding-Document-bbfe106a32534fb5a011f09c121257c3#4f3c1673682847b683541ffc55014f31)** ❗️[**Sideround Submission Form**](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeiaaPaYC2HkTvM_uXhlCeKSBVXX382rH4bEMDlyVynLCAeug/viewform) 🎥 [**Video on GR15**](https://www.loom.com/share/32d933d1eb704243bca55012f09c9084) 📖 **[Offical GR15 Blog Post](https://gitcoin.co/blog/level-up-your-grant-for-gr15/)** ### Submission Checklist - [ ] Read eligibility/[onboarding](https://gitcoin.notion.site/gitcoin/Gitcoin-Grantee-Onboarding-Document-bbfe106a32534fb5a011f09c121257c3#4f3c1673682847b683541ffc55014f31) docs - [ ] [Create your Grant](https://gitcoin.notion.site/gitcoin/Gitcoin-Grantee-Onboarding-Document-bbfe106a32534fb5a011f09c121257c3#4f3c1673682847b683541ffc55014f31) - [ ] [Apply for Side Round](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeiaaPaYC2HkTvM_uXhlCeKSBVXX382rH4bEMDlyVynLCAeug/viewform) - [ ] Review and edit your grants page. - [ ] Share and promote your grant. ### [ENS Ecosystem Sideround Eligibility](https://docs.google.com/document/d/1b7ulHiSz6db9YN5ESg2hPacTJUcqGZGvkMh5AeBMyVc/edit) The main criteria for this round is that you’re actively doing work that supports or accelerates the mission of ENS or ENS DAO. We are especially interested in: - Tools that improve the ENS experience for users and builders - Projects that support and improve the ENS Ecosystem and community - Content and educational resources about ENS and related projects like SIWE - Anything that might fit within an ENS DAO working group - Governance tools for the ENS DAO In general, **anything that supports or improves ENS or the ENS DAO** will be considered for the ENS ecosystem round. Please note, an ENS integration in itself does not make a project eligible for the ENS Ecosystem round. Please also note that participation and funding within an ENS DAO subgroup does not exclude a person or project from participating in this round. :::info 📝 [**Sideround Submission Form**](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeiaaPaYC2HkTvM_uXhlCeKSBVXX382rH4bEMDlyVynLCAeug/viewform) ::: ## Tips and Tricks gregskril.eth and ricmoo.eth shared tips in the [August 30th Public Goods call](https://discuss.ens.domains/t/weekly-public-goods-meeting-august-30-2022-6pm-gmt/14189). The tl;dr is to ensure you're grant is eye-catching an conveys your information properly. 1. **Project Logo Image** - gregskril.eth reports that having a properly formatted and eye catching Project Logo helps your grant stand out. It should work as both a banner aspect ratio and a square image. Check out this template 👉 [Figma created by greg!](https://www.figma.com/file/WRoLLcqn8m3hxQGcFVIMTt/Gitcoin-Cover-Template?node-id=0%3A1) 2. **Content Quality** - Imagine you are a reader. Organize your information clearly using the rich text editor provided. Be conscise, yet informative. Truncate your technical language by providing links to your website, so you don't overwhelm the average reader. 3. **Make Edits** - You can edit your grant after it is submitted by logging into your Gitcoin account. Compare your grant to other applications and make improvements where you see fit. 4. **Self-Promotion** - It help generate awareness of your project by tweeting links to your grant. Tweet threads can be helpful for introducing your grant and providing supplemental information. One of my most successful tweets is a Gitcoin Grants [mega-thread](https://twitter.com/Coltron_eth/status/1506130520584843266). ## F.A.Q.s ### Where do I submit my form and what is the deadline? Submit your [form](https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeiaaPaYC2HkTvM_uXhlCeKSBVXX382rH4bEMDlyVynLCAeug/viewform) here by September 3rd. Direct message alisha.eth if you are applying to the ENS Ecosystem side round to ensure your project is approved. ### I am not applying, but I want to share information about GR15. Is there a blog post I can share? Yes, this [blog post](https://gitcoin.co/blog/level-up-your-grant-for-gr15/) on the official Gitcoin website has easily readable and sharable content. ### Where Can I learn about onboarding to GR15? Check out this [Notion board](https://gitcoin.notion.site/gitcoin/Gitcoin-Grantee-Onboarding-Document-bbfe106a32534fb5a011f09c121257c3).